Dead By Daylight Adds Iconic Resident Evil Skins To The Game

The asymmetrical horror game is getting a brand-new Resident Evil character skin bundle, just in time for Halloween.


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil, Behaviour Interactive has added several character skins in Dead By Daylight for Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, and Nemesis.

The character skins, which can be purchased now from the in-game store, represent each of the Resident Evil character's most iconic designs from different games in the franchise. There are two classic looks for Jill and Leon, two inspired by Chris and Claire Redfield, as well as a new gruesome look for Nemesis.

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The "Nemesis Blight Set", which is the only original skin in the DLC pack, features a new look for the Tyrant, with yellow cysts growing all over his body, his eyes hidden, and just a generally more terrifying look.

The two Leon skins include the "Persistent Investigator"--directly inspired by the character's look in Resident Evil 4 with his brown jacket--and "Chris Redfield", a skin that makes Leon look like the Raccoon City police officer.

As for Jill, an "Impervious Agent" skin was revealed and is inspired by her look in Resident Evil 3, fitted with a skirt and blue top. With the "Claire Redfield" skin, Jill will be transformed into the other Redfield sibling, equipped with her iconic red, leather jacket and character model inspired by the Resident Evil 2 Remake.

This time, all of the skins can be bought in a bundle with the Resident Evil Collection, whereas last time the characters were introduced, players could only purchase legendary skins for them individually.

The Resident Evil characters joined Dead By Daylight in Chapter 20 back in June, which also saw the introduction of a playable, Raccoon City Police Department.

Most recently, Behaviour announced that the survival horror game will be getting a new Silent Hill-themed crossover event with the introduction of the "Pyramid Blight Set".

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