de Blob splatters September

THQ and Australia-based Blue Tongue's action-puzzle game smearing the Wii, DS later this year.


de Blob

One of the games caught up in THQ's mass exodus from the early 2008 release window last October was de Blob for the Nintendo DS and Wii. However, following THQ's Gamers' Day yesterday, the publisher has begun to once again hone in on release dates for its fiscal 2009 lineup. In addition to saying tongue-in-cheek carnage simulator Saints Row 2 is coming August 26, THQ revealed during the event that de Blob would commence smearing color all over retailers come September.

de Blob is actually kind of scary.
de Blob is actually kind of scary.

Developed by THQ internal studio Blue Tongue (Barnyard), de Blob transports the traditionally static puzzle genre to a free-roaming, open-canvas world. In it, the carefree denizens of Chroma City are sucked dry of their cheerful color by the oppressive INKT Corporation, transforming a once-vibrant city into a listless, gray wasteland. A handful of amorphous globules manage to escape the transformation, and subsequently commence restoring color to the city, one graffiti'd building at a time.

As detailed in GameSpot's extensive coverage of the game, players will commence painting the town magenta by hopping their aggressive-looking globs onto various buildings and surfaces. Blobs will frequently require replenishing their paint reserves, and players will be able to pick up paint cans in one of the three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. As in grade-school art class, these hues can then be combined to create alternate shades. As the city becomes more colorful, the game's eclectic soundtrack will take on a livelier beat.

For the most recent look at de Blob, check out GameSpot's hands-on with the game from THQ's Gamers' Day.

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