DDR Mario Mix dancing onto GameCube

Nintendo's plumber to strut his stuff in America; first DDR game for the ‘Cube.


LOS ANGELES--This past January, Nintendo announced that its iconic character Mario would be shaking his tail feather on Japanese GameCubes. The rhythm game, titled Dance Dance Revolution with Mario, is scheduled for release in Japan on July 14.

Now it seems as though Mario is bringing his dance act to the States--Nintendo revealed DDR Mario Mix at E3. The game will see several characters from the Mushroom Kingdom get their groove on, including Koopa Troopas, Wario, and Toad. Screenshots released by the publisher hint that the game will also include some form of adventure mode, as well as minigames.

This is the second dance/rhythm game announced for the GameCube. Last November, Mad Catz released MC Groovz Dance Craze, the peripheral maker's first game.

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