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DDR 360 does a 180

Next-gen rug-cutting, roof-raising will have to wait until next year as Konami has Dance Dance Revolution Universe slated for "early 2007."


Originally scheduled for release this fall, the Dance Dance Revolution series debut on the Xbox 360 was pushed back into a holiday 2006-early 2007 release. Now it's solidly in the 2007 camp, as a Konami representative told GameSpot today the game definitely won't be out this year. The reason given for the delay was that the process of complying with Microsoft's protocols for third-party peripherals was proving more time consuming than originally expected.

DDR Universe will feature enhanced versions of the series' familiar edit, workout, quest, and party modes, as well as the new "how to play," trial, and supereasy modes, each of which is designed to make the fast-and-furious rhythm action more accessible for first timers. The game will also introduce the new relay mode, which invites groups of players to tag team the dance mat for some extended marathon dance sessions.

Like the DDR Ultramix games for the original Xbox, DDR Universe will feature Xbox Live support for online competitions and 360-exclusive downloadable song packs. Konami's representative told GameSpot that DDR Universe's dance pads will be wired but would not rule out the possibility of future DDR games on the Xbox 360 featuring wireless mats.

Dance Dance Revolution Universe is currently set for release in "early 2007." For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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