DCUO on PS4 will allow cross-play with PS3

The first PS4 title with confirmed cross-play capabilities may also take advantage of system's new controller "down the road."

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Superhero MMO DC Universe Online for PlayStation 4 will allow cross-platform play with PlayStation 3. DCUO senior creative director Jens Andersen said during a phone interview with GameSpot this morning, "As a PS4 launch title, cross-compatibility, getting all of our console players on the same server, is a major priority."

"We realize not everyone will be upgrading to a PS4," Andersen says, "but for players that do, we want them to be able to maintain the progress of their characters and still play with all of their friends."

Just prior to the PS4 launch on November 15, DCUO will also release Update 31 which Andersen describes as "the largest update to the game since launch. We're treating this almost like a relaunch of the game." The update will provide a number of fixes and adjustments to almost every aspect of the game. A few examples he mentions are revamping the leveling curve of characters from 1-30, removing "ninja looting," and proving a major graphical facelift. "We're addressing feedback from our community, for existing players but this will also be a great time for new players on every platform to get into the game."

However, DCUO on PS4 will not take advantage of any new features built into the touch-pad controller at launch. But Andersen says there are "things we want do do with the controller down the road." Among other ideas they're experimenting with, one involves tying the colors on the controller's LED to your on-screen character's powers. "Our focus is on getting the game ready for PS4. But after that we have a lot of interesting things we want to try."

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