DC's Wonder Woman 2: Title Confirmed, Surprise Return Of Key Character Revealed

Wonder Woman 1984.

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Following last week's reveal of the movie's logo, production on the sequel to DC's Wonder Woman is now underway. It has been confirmed that the movie is titled Wonder Woman 1984, and now director Patty Jenkins has teased the surprise return of one of the first film's key characters.

Jenkins took to Twitter to post an on-set image of Chris Pine in the role of Captain Steve Trevor. Pine played the role in Wonder Woman, but fans will know that he died at the end of that movie--which was itself set 40 years before the sequel.

Clearly Pine's return is not meant to be a big twist, given it has been revealed by the director this early on in production. So quite how Trevor is back for the sequel and what role he will play in the story will remain a mystery for now, although the obvious '80s setting for the photo suggests it's not just a flashback. In the meantime, here's Jenkins's tweet:

As for the title Wonder Woman 1984, we've known for some time that it will be set in the '80s, and star Gal Gadot also recently posted a suitably retro on-set image. The film hits theaters on November 1, 2019 and also stars Kristin Wiig as the villainous Cheetah.

Last year, it was reported that Wonder Woman 1984 will "send Diana against the forces of Soviet Union in the closing days of the Cold War." In addition, Jenkins has teased that the movie will be a "funny and a great love story [with] a couple new unbelievable characters who I'm so excited about, who are very different than were in the last movie."

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How?! Doesn't this undermine all the scenes of her in the future with the old war pictures of Steve?

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@lionheartssj1: Maybe it's his son.

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@crashchaos: Even if he had a secret family they didn't mention in WW, his son would at least be in his 60s by 1984.

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@lionheartssj1: zoom in on the photo. He looks old, way too young for WWI veteran old. He could easily pass for 60’s.