DC's Flashpoint Is Finally "Close" To Being Greenlit

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Earlier this month, it was rumored that development on DC's standalone Flash movie, titled Flashpoint, had been paused. According to reports, the studio was waiting to see how the upcoming Justice League, which features Ezra Miller as The Flash, performed at the box office before moving forward with Flashpoint. However, it has now been reported that the studio is close to greenlighting the movie.

Wall Street Journal writer Ben Fritz recently wrote a piece on Justice League and took to Twitter to provide some extra detail that didn't make it into his main story. Fritz wrote, "[Warner Pictures president] Toby Emmerich said 'close to hiring a director' on Flashpoint, hopes to greenlight soon."

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Flashpoint has had its share of development troubles over the last couple of years. The movie was first announced in 2015, with Grahame-Smith hired to direct. Grahame-Smith left the production in May 2016, citing to "creative differences," with replacement Rick Famuyiwa quitting a few months later for the same reason. Warner then hired Joby Harold to rewrite the entire script.

The title Flashpoint was confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con in July. It's a reference to the 2011 Flash comic event that put Barry Allen, The Flash, in a very different universe than the original storyline. Barry travels back in time to prevent his mother's murder and in doing so, changes the DC universe timeline and many of the key heroes and villains in it.

In related news, it has been revealed that the surprisingly short running time of Justice League was ordered by Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara as a reaction to the extended length of previous movies such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film clocks in at 119 minutes, which makes it the shortest movie in the DC universe so far. It hits theaters on November 17.

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