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DC's Doomsday Clock Art Teases Universe Altering Crossover With Watchmen

The DC Universe collides with Watchmen


DC Comics has another large-scale event coming this fall, and for the first time, aspects of Alan Moore's iconic story The Watchmen will be combining with the DC Universe in Doomsday Clock. During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, writer Geoff Johns showed off some interior art for the book and vaguely discussed the story.

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Ever since Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan appeared at the end of DC's Rebirth one-shot, back in June 2016, fans have been wanting answers. Rebirth relaunched the DC by combining elements of the New 52 line with Pre-Flashpoint material. A task this large could be daunting, but during a panel for the event at Comic-Con, writer Geoff Johns seemed up for the challenge.

While Doomsday Clock seemed to be the highlight of the panel, Johns was relatively tight-lipped about the event. "You'll know in the first page of the first issue, you'll know exactly what the story's about" Johns said during the panel.

The logo for the event mixes the Doomsday Clock with the Superman emblem. Johns said that the Man of Steel is the story but did not go much deeper into detail. Moving forward, Johns mentioned some more elements about the upcoming event: "I love seeing the smartest man from one world talking to the smartest man from another. And the smartest man from this world, from DC, is Lex Luthor. And that's all I'll say." Those familiar with Watchmen will know the smartest man on that world is Ozymandias. However, there is no confirmation about whether that character will appear in Doomsday Clock as of yet.

Those watching the panel were treated to some early interior artwork by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson, which you can check out below.

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Doomsday Clock will come out in November and run for 12-issues. The events within the book take place one year after what's currently happening in DC books, but it's all in continuity. There are planned breaks for the mini-series in both March and August as well.

This new event follows up Batman: Metal, and if back-to-back events seems like a little bit too much, Metal's writer Scott Snyder assured readers not to worry about event fatigue: "You can read one or the other or both and be fine either way," Snyder told GameSpot. "They're both in the real continuity of the present day DC Universe." The stories don't weave into each other nor do they directly lead into each other. In the past, there have been times where DC had one event lead into another, which caused readers to lose interest altogether.

Doomsday Clock comes out on Wednesday, November 22.

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