DCEU Movies Ranked By Box Office Results

Batman v Superman holds onto the record for biggest US opening for a DCEU movie.


The Harley Quinn movie Birds of Prey opened in theatres this weekend, but it did not do so well. Despite positive reviews and star power with Margot Robbie leading the ensemble cast, the comic book movie made many millions less than expected in the US and worldwide.

In fact, it opened to the lowest box office figure in the entire DC Extended Universe. To put its $33.2 million US opening in context, we're rounding up the first-weekend domestic box office results for all the DCEU movies so far, along with their total global box office figures.

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Bear in mind that this ranking is only for DCEU movies, which began in 2013 with Man of Steel. The Joaquin Phoenix movie Joker, which made more than $1 billion at the box office, is a DC movie but is not part of the DCEU.

Despite poor reviews, Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had the biggest US opening weekend ever for DCEU movie, with $166 million in box office receipts.

The Jason Momoa-starring Aquaman started with only $67.8 million at the US box office, which at the time ranked the lowest-ever start for a DCEU movie. However, it improved stateside and did phenomenally internationally to finish with $1.15 billion. It's the only DCEU movie to surpass $1 billion at the global box office.

Also of note, Birds of Prey is the first R-rated DCEU movie. Though there are of course exceptions like Deadpool, R-rated films typically perform worse than PG-13 films. It's also worth mentioning that when comparing Birds of Prey to other DCEU movies is that Birds of Prey was released in February, which is typically slower than summer.

You can see the full rankings below; all box office numbers come from BoxOfficeMojo.

Looking ahead, some of the upcoming DCEU movies include Wonder Woman 1984 and Black Adam, in addition to sequels for Shazam and Aquaman.

DCEU Box Office Rankings

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  • US opening -- $166M
  • Global total -- $873.6M

Suicide Squad

  • US opening -- $133.7M
  • Global total -- $746.8M

Man of Steel

  • US opening -- $116.6M
  • Global total -- $668M

Wonder Woman

  • US opening -- $103.3M
  • Global total -- $821.8M

Justice League

  • US opening -- $93.8M
  • Global total -- $657.9M


  • US opening -- $67.8M
  • Global total -- $1.15B


  • US opening --$53.5M
  • Global total -- $365.9M

Birds of Prey

  • US opening -- $33.2M
  • Global total (so far) -- $81.2M

In GameSpot's review of Birds of Prey, Meg Downey said, "It's the sort of kinetic, high energy romp that comes with built-in replay value, and proves exactly why Harley Quinn has become such an endearing, beloved character in the pop-culture pantheon. If this is the direction the DCEU is headed, the future's looking bright."

For more on Birds of Prey, find out more about the ending of the movie, whether or not Joker is in the movie, and the connection to Harley's first appearance in Suicide Squad.

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