DC Will Go Dolby

Dolby surround capabilities arrive on the Dreamcast.


Upcoming Dreamcast game releases will implement up to eight channels of Dolby surround real-time positioning within the OS. The operating system, version r.11, will be released in June. Games that display the Dolby logo will contain both real-time surround effects, and linear content encoded with a certified Dolby Surround linear encoder.

"We are honored to be working with Dolby for the Dolby Surround that will be added to the Sega Dreamcast hardware," said Greg Thomas, vice president of product development of Sega of America. "This will open up a new world to game developers, so that they can bring the best gaming experience to the consumer on the Sega Dreamcast."

Tapping this feature, with the use of a Dolby surround speaker set-up, Dreamcast gamers will be able to listen to richer audio quality while playing their Dolby-equipped games.

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