DC Universe's Titans Heading To Gotham To Meet Some New Batman Characters

The Titans are going to Gotham City, to meet Commissioner Barbara Gordon, Red Hood, and Scarecrow.


When Titans returns for its third season, the team of heroes is getting a new location. It was announced during the show's DC FanDome panel that Season 3 of Titans will take the gang all the way to Gotham City, where they will come face-to-face with some familiar faces.

Firstly, it was revealed that Jason Todd (Curran Walters) has shed his Robin identity to become the Red Hood. Additionally, two fan-favorite characters from the comics will make their Titans debuts. Both Barbara Gordon and Dr. Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) will appear, though neither role has been cast. Warner Bros. TV has provided descriptions for each character, which you can check out below.

Red Hood: Jason Todd now dons a new identity in his obsession to take down his old team.

Barbara Gordon: Former Batgirl Barbara Gordon is now Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. Although she has a past relationship with Dick Grayson, she is wary of the Titans now being in Gotham.

Dr. Jonathan Crane: Known to most as the Scarecrow, Crane is a current inmate at Arkham Asylum and offers his services as a profiler and consultant for the Gotham City Police Department.

It'll be interesting to see what kind of Commissioner Gordon Barbara happens to be, especially if she's utilizing Scarecrow as a consultant and profiler. A release date for Season 3 of Titans has yet to be announced.

Titans going to Gotham City wasn't the only exciting reveal during DC FanDome. Among other things, fans got a new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, while Sandman creator Neil Gaiman gave an update on the Netflix adaptation of the comic series.

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