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DC Universe Reveals SDCC Posters For Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, And More

You are going to want to stand in line for these.


It's not quite clear what will become of DC Universe after the HBO Max streaming service launches. Chances are we'll get some answers at the DC Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con, but that's not all the service has set for the convention--which is already jam-packed with panels, exclusive goodies, and so much else.

A series of four SDCC-exclusive posters will be available at the DC/Warner Bros. booth, each spotlighting a different DCU original program. The new art comes courtesy of pop culture artists Doaly, Cliff Cramp, Chris Thornley, and Ruiz Burgos.

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According to a press release from DC Universe, each day of the convention, Thursday-Sunday, will see the debut of a new poster. The shows getting unique art for the convention are Titans, Doom Patrol, Young Justice, and Swamp Thing. You can see all of the posters above.

The inclusion of Swamp Thing is interesting, given that the show was canceled by DCU after its first episode aired. The full first season is being streamed by the service. Also notable is the inclusion of Doom Patrol, which has still not been renewed for a second season. Of course, it's promising that the show was not canceled outright and was recently featured in a promotional video for the HBO Max streaming service.

Posters aren't the only DC Universe representation you'll find at the DC/Warner Bros. booth. To promote the upcoming Harley Quinn animated series, there will be an "interactive tour" of Arkham Asylum. Additionally, those who sign up for the service at SDCC will get a set of four limited-edition comic books with new variant covers.

As you plan our your SDCC, make sure to set aside time to grab these posters before they run out. Also, make sure to spend some time studying our look at the panels and activations you aren't going to want to miss.

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