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DC Universe Original Show Release Schedule: Titans, Young Justice, And More

Clear your schedules and get ready to binge a full year's worth of new DC content

After months of casting announcements, we've finally been given an idea of just when the DC Universe original shows will be landing on the service. At New York Comic Con, the team behind the three-week-old platform gave a presentation that included a helpful infographic laying out their tentative premier schedule into 2020.

The name of the game, according to DC co-publisher Jim Lee, is to have new original content available every week on the service for a full calendar year. Each show, with the exception of Young Justice Season 3, will be released on a one-episode-per-week basis. Young Justice will have a split season, bracketing Doom Patrol, will debut at a whirlwind three-episodes-per-week rate with a mid-season hiatus.

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Titans, which had its official premier at the convention on Wednesday, is launching for DC Universe subscribers on Friday, October 12. The twelve episode season will take the platform's weekly schedule into 2019 before Young Justice kicks off, tentatively, in January.

The panel also announced a DC Universe exclusive digital prequel comic to Young Justice Season 3 that will be written by producer Greg Weisman and artist Christopher Jones, set for release in 2019 near the premier of the first episode.

Fans at the Titans world premiere were treated to a brief clip of Doom Patrol, which has begun filming in preparation for its early 2019 release, showcasing the team sitting around a surreal dinner table, and a surprise appearance by Brendan Fraser who will be voicing Robotman in the show. Fraser announced that Matthew Bomer had joined the cast as Negative Man, an ex-test pilot who suffered a horrific accident that left him permanently imbued with radioactive "negative" energy. Negative Man's condition means he has to be covered head-to-toe in bandages, which Jim Lee laughed was ironic for Bomer who is "maybe the most handsome man on earth."

In addition to Fraser and Bomer, Doom Patrol will feature Dianne Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Joivan Wade as Cyborg, Timothy Dalton as The Chief, and April Bowlby as Elasti-Girl.

Doom Patrol will be followed by the James Wan-produced Swamp Thing which has been slowly adding to its cast with the recent addition of Crystal Reed (Teen Wolf) as Abby Arcane. It's currently unknown as to whether or not Swamp Thing will follow in the same shared-universe mold as Titans and Doom Patrol, or if any of the shows will continue to interact with one another once they have official spun-off.

DC Universe's years' worth of original content officially kicks off October 12 on the DC Universe app. Fans outside the US will be able to watch Titans on Netflix.

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