DC Universe Online SOE's fastest-selling game ever

President of Sony Online Entertainment announces superhero MMORPG is an instant hit; tops the Steam software sales leaderboards; PS3 sales not announced.


Sony Online Entertainment's massively multiplayer online role-playing game DC Universe Online is proving to be a massive success for its maker. According to the publisher, the title has used its superhuman strength to become SOE's fastest-selling game ever.

The news comes via the Twitter post of SOE president John Smedley, who said the game is evaporating from store shelves.

DC Universe Online is performing like a superhero.
DC Universe Online is performing like a superhero.

"Working on out-of-stock problems for DCUO," he said. "It's out [sic] fastest selling game ever. Should have more inventory in Monday."

Smedley also used the social networking space to tout Steam sales figures. Smedley said DC Universe Online was #1 in sales on Steam last week. He did not offer further specifics as to how well the PS3 iteration is selling.

Set within the DC Comics world, DC Universe Online lets players create a superhero or villain and fight alongside or against iconic comic book characters, such as the Joker, Batman, Superman, and others. It was developed under the creative direction of famed comic book artist Jim Lee.

For more on the superhero MMORPG, check out GameSpot's Review in Progress for DC Universe Online.

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Avatar image for Electrokah

Good thing i preordered and lifetime subbed, never had to worry about finding a copy. I been playing almost everyday since launch too! Fun game. :D

Avatar image for -CoMBaT-

I'm still amazed that this game took five years to develop, and had such a small amount of content at launch.

Avatar image for Nodashi

@SolidTy Of course most sales where for the PS3. PC gamers actually have CHOICE and good MMOs to play.

Avatar image for Booshon

I really don't like when people say i hear its ..... if you didn't play don't comment and say bad things about a game you don't even play. I play this game and its fun and i enjoy it allot. Sorry about my bad English

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it wouldve been smart if sony cancel monthly fee for playstation plus users, and even smarter to remove it all together, GW not having monthly fee and thats a reason it sold over 9 million copies.

Avatar image for mf1986

@mickey_mickey48 it has about 2 days ago, 7/10

Avatar image for Docky2k6

@hannify I played the beta for about 5 hours. Was fun and pretty solid to me, then again, I'm not the most experienced in betas or MMOs. I do enjoy the combat and RPG elements, but the low level cap, unbelievably repetitive missions and lack of content beyond the 30 day day trial leaves me unfortunately wondering why I should pay £10 for another 30 days when I feel like I've accomplished (at the moment) all there is to do. I thought MMOs were supposed to keep you hooked with exciting new content daily and a world where you continually strived to get stronger :( Bad times.

Avatar image for hannify

@Docky2k6 I had my trial when it was beyond buggy. It was more alpha code than beta code.

Avatar image for Docky2k6

@hannify You had your trial (beta) so it came down to whether you liked it or not.I personally have it, and in my opinion it is great fun but it's a backwards MMO. There is not enough content beyond the 30 day trial period. To keep me interested and happy with paying £10 a month I want a level cap higher than 30 and a difficulty curve that doesn't make me feel like i'm playing a f**king leapfrog. Sort it out SOE.

Avatar image for hannify

@Docky2k6 You still need to initially pay for the game up front so if you do not like it. Its a lot of money down the drain. They have should given a free 24 hour trial from the PSN store. Also played it on beta due to PS+ member, certainly wouldn't pay for it without being able to have 24 hour trial and discount for being ps+ member.

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

Im not saying anything against this game, Id really like it. But with all the good games coming out this year I can't justify paying monthly subscriptions. The prices on the PSN store just suprised me really, I thought it may be cheaper. It's not a matter of me being a fool, I've never played WoW or any other subscription game for that matter. I want to get into online MMO's, but the fee's required often scare me off.

Avatar image for smash3brawler

Good. The game is great. And about the people complaining about bugs, I think it's because we haven't seen such a big MMO in a long time, so we forgot how the beginning of those kind of games was.

Avatar image for Shardz7

What the article doesn't tell you is those 2 million people who bought the game are all in line at Walmart waiting to get a refund.

Avatar image for Docky2k6

Feck sake. Seriously? You guys are willing to go out there and spend £40 on titles with wavering quality and length, whereas £10 a month gets you more content, more play time and a deep, satisfying experience all bundled in a potentially endless game package. Man, some people just take things at face value rather than seeing what's actually sitting on their plate. DC is a fantastic game and for the money you will get more than you would for 90% of the titles on PS3. £10 a month for excellent content and quality, or £40 a month on a new potentially BS game. Nobody would ever regret trying DC out. And oh yea, don't be cheap. 10 f**king squidlies. Put your hand in your wallet and rejoice :)

Avatar image for WiteLite

Is this game buggy? yes, what mmo isnt at launch? Are there any game ending bugs? nope, every bug iv encountered has a work around. Price? same as the other mmo's Seriously this game is good. its different from wow. not as deep, but much more satisfying. Has humor, ohh **** moments, combat system is thrilling if you learn how to effectively combine combos.

Avatar image for Moloch121

@warhawk-geeby What the monthly price? Anything above $15 is a month is stupid. This game sucks. I'm waiting for The Old Republic until then I'll stick to WoW.

Avatar image for doc0376

@solidsnake7882, @Transparanoia Well, like i said before, i haven't played it, i may try it sometime

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

I wanted this game until I realised there was a monthly subscription - which wouldn't be a problem except the fee's are just plain outrageous. Nothing against SOE, but I'm just curious as to how many people bought this game not knowing about the subscription required. Bit of a bummer really.. I'd have loved it.

Avatar image for kargion

This game is great, and TONS of people playing on ps3. Pick it up if you don't have it. Best game i have played in a while even with the launch bugs.

Avatar image for yoda101280

I feel like this is one of those games that could be pretty decent after some patches. I haven't bought the release version but I was playing during beta just a couple weeks before release so was a basically release build. There are some pretty basic features missing, minor features mostly but still noticeably missing. One of the more annoying ones for me was simply not being able to delete quests from my log. The UI itself also needs some work, the quest log has no organization to it at all, just a long list of quests.. Anyway, I could point out a good bit of things that need to be worked on here and there. But as it was while I was playing, the game was still pretty fun, I enjoyed the combo and combat systems, bit of a fresh change from typical MMO combat yet plays pretty well. I did feel that some of the powers were a bit redundant

Avatar image for SauhlGood

unremarkable, SOE titles dont exactly sell like hot cakes...to say its the best selling SOE title is not saying much.. the game feels underdeveloped (typical of alot of release mmorpg), but simple things like chat respond buttons are not present, or removing a quest from your journal, not to mention a plethora of broken abilities, some of which were not even corrected in beta ; / and brought over to the live version. The fighting mechanics, if your melee your spamming mostly melee, if ranged u mash ranged button.. this gameplay method was supposed to be more attractive than traditional "autoswings" and dice roll calculations in the background, it results in alot more button mashing than you will ever do in any game. The cities, feel like the most complete aspects of the game, flying running around them seems the most novel thing about this game. Also this is a DC game youd think you could see/do things with your favorite hero's... but most of the time theyre just holograms in your HQ telling you to go there and here, kill # of this and come back(overly simple questing). PVP is lackluster, the PVP server is your best bet at "consistant" pvp interaction, but its utterly chaotic without ANY incentive or benefit for losing/winning. The game feels like its aimed at youngsters, comic book redears/collectors come in all ages, alienating any demographic of a product, is prolly not a good idea. i have 3 30's controller/tank/healer, and hoping it gets better.

Avatar image for Taasi23

The more the merrier! :D

Avatar image for mickey_mickey48

Why Gamespot hasn't reviewed it yet??!!

Avatar image for doivemcterry

I do worry about the endgame. Don't think I'll be subscribing when my first month is finished. Pretty quick to level, but don't really feel like starting new character once I've got to level 30. I'll play it for a little longer but its not gripping me.

Avatar image for Rockybell

windchaserfc3s If you have played just any mmo you know its far from bug free. Look at WoWs Cata expansion, i mean the game have been going on for years and its not bug free. They will fix it all dude :) and btw this is a GREAT game, loving it.

Avatar image for cornelvet

Where is the bloody "world wide release" effect in asia???

Avatar image for windchaserfc3s

This is the most glitch infested game I have ever played....

Avatar image for TrueIori

To bad most of those who bought the game will not re sub after the free month lol xD Anywho who really surprise, remember the other MMO that sold well , Aion, Warhammer, Conan , and where are they now? LMAO.

Avatar image for Asm92784

Just FYI, according to IGN, Smedley said that the sales breakdown was of the total sales, 52% was for the PS3 version, 48% for the PC. So it is slightly selling better on the PS3 than the PC, but it is almost split evenly between the 2 platforms. << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for POPEYE1716

clearly says Ps3 sales not announced

Avatar image for megakick

well it does hold the mmorpg market on ps3 and mmorpg is big bub what other mmorpg you going to play atm. these are just ps3 sells correct? im sure ff14 will sell on the ps3 as well.

Avatar image for sircyrus

It may be their fastest selling game ever, but unless they get some more content into the endgame, it's also going to set a new record for SOE by having the most number of subscriptions cancelled within the first month or two.

Avatar image for master_06

i think they should make it free for playstation plus users or a least give it a good discount like $5 a month!! that'll be cool!

Avatar image for soulless4now

Good for them. :)

Avatar image for CaptainAhab13

I wonder what's happening on the EverQuest front these days...? What a game. Still, I'm happy for them; apparently a lot of people like this game. Unfortunately, I'm on a Mac and don't want to use my PS3 for an MMO, so I'll be turning to City of Heroes Going Rogue (it's still alive, people!)

Avatar image for davidyang1123

this is great news

Avatar image for bat725

If you're not playing this game, you're missing out.

Avatar image for Scotterius

It sounds more impressive than it is. Saying that it has out sold Starwars Galaxies (while owned by SOE) and planetside would have used far more of his 40 Character limit....and been less sensational. edit...and any singular Everquest title. Ok, that is impressive!

Avatar image for XboxGuy1537

I may just have to buy in.

Avatar image for Sumna87

There are a few technical hiccups on the PS3 version, but my biggest complaint about the game is the voice work. I know that's weird for an MMO, but some of the main characters have some terrible voicing. All in all the game is pretty polished and easier to pick up and play than other MMO's out at the moment.

Avatar image for Amir29

Well, this probably explains the amount of glitches and bugs (I hope). Right now, the most frustrating think people on my server are experiencing is the inability to chat. Right now, we're using the XMB Text chat to compensate. LMAO! But hey, once they get it all worked out, this is going to be the WoW killer EASILY! It's a great license and loads of fun when you control the action. :)

Avatar image for redskinStu

Zounds cool, but I'm not paying $15 a month. Forget that.

Avatar image for Taoninja

Greatest game ever

Avatar image for ahpuck

The game looks like fun, too bad I don't have much time to invest in an MMO now days.

Avatar image for LinusBlue

Hm. If Rift isn't any good I'll probably end up getting this. WoW Cata is already boring.

Avatar image for King_Jeremy_77

I don't give a crap what anyone says, i'm enjoying this game. Huge comic fan so seeing the DC Universe come to life in this game is just awesome! People complaining are usually the ones that are not playing the game. Also wouldn't mind seeing Marvel Universe come back from the development grave.

Avatar image for solidsnake7882

@doc0376 the servers go down from time to time but that is common with mmo's in the first few weeks. So far it is a solid experience IMO.

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

I'd pay the $60 asking price for the game but i refuse to pay a monthly fee just to play a game I might not get into..... For me any game like this or MAG is just a gamble, I really don't get into online games especially on consoles.....

Avatar image for antsaround

Blah, Blah, Blah... What were we talkin bout?

Avatar image for Transparanoia

@doc0376 I've only played the BETA, but I don't remember once being disconnected from the servers. Haven't read any complains from the places I visit either. And while I'm big on reviewing a game when it comes out, not the patches that follow (EG Fallout: New Vegas deserved much lower scores than it got on consoles because of it's buggy release) I think MMOs need a little bit of leeway in that regard, and that's probably one of the reasons reviews take so damn long. That and endgame content takes forever to actually get to and review, which is why "review in progress" articles are handy. Heck, if you* need a score to tell you how good a game is and can't tell by reading the damn words in the article then you* have issues. *Disclaimer: I mean "you" as the general populace, not you specifically. :P