DC Universe Is Ending To Make Way For New Service With Pretty Much The Same Name

DC Universe is focusing entirely on comic books now.


It's a transformative day for the streaming service DC Universe. While it's not going the way of other failed projects like Seeso--a comedy streaming service with undeniably great originals--DC Universe is headed into its cocoon to become something entirely different, focusing entirely on digital comic books.

Launching on January 21, 2021--then in the Summer of 2021 internationally--DC Universe will become DC Universe Infinite, a premium comic book service with access to more than 24,000 comics at launch. With DC Universe, comics appeared on the app one year after physical versions debuted in stores. Now, that window is cut to six months.

As for the DC Universe shows you know and love like Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, Young Justice, Titans, and Stargirl, they'll all be available on HBO Max. Additionally, it was revealed that Harley Quinn has been renewed for a third season. Other movies and TV shows currently on DC Universe will all be available for viewing now on HBO Max. DC Universe Infinite's focus is on comics.

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"Our fans love the platform's robust library of comic books and, with the transformation, we will not disappoint," said DC publisher and CCO Jim Lee. "I'm excited to share that not only will DC Universe Infinite members still be able to read all of the great comics that they've enjoyed but new issues are debuting on the platform quicker than before, digital first exclusives are being created, and the members-only events will begin as soon as possible. There has never been a better time to be a DC fan."

In addition to access to comics a bit earlier, there will be "digital first" titles, original comics that will hit DC Universe Infinite first. Some of the titles planned have been listed, which you can check out below.

Digital first titles:

  • Aquaman: Deep Dives
  • Batman: Gotham Nights
  • DCeased: Hope at World's End
  • Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red
  • Injustice: Year Zero, Shazam!: Lightning Strikes
  • Superman: Man of Tomorrow
  • Swamp Thing: New Roots
  • Wonder Woman 84

DC Universe Infinite will cost $8 a month or $75 annually. Current subscribers to DC Universe can upgrade their package to include HBO Max--which still isn't available on Roku or Amazon devices--for an additional $5 with a limited time offer that's available until October 30, 2020.

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