DC Studios Announces Creature Commandos Series, With James Gunn Writing

The gauntlet of new DC Universe projects includes Creature Commandos, a hybrid animated/live-action series written by James Gunn for HBO Max.


The newly formed DC Studios recently announced a large slate of 10 projects for film and television. Among the heavy hitters like Wonder Woman and Batman & Robin, studio heads James Gunn and Peter Safran announced a hybrid animated/live action series for HBO Max titled Creature Commandos. The series is already in production, and every episode was written by Gunn.

Based on the comic book characters first introduced in an issue of Weird War Tales, Creature Commandos had Frankenstein's monster, a werewolf, a vampire, and a gorgon teaming up to fight Nazi androids. Later ncarnations of the series added the Bride of Frankenstein, a mummy, a bogman, and several robots.

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According to Variety, it's unclear if Gunn's take on the concept will stick with these iconic horror movie characters, but we do know that Weasel from The Suicide Squad is one of the members of the team, along with Rick Flag Sr. Gunn said that the actors cast to provide voice talent for the animated series will play the roles in DCU live-action projects. Gunn also suggested that animated series allow DC Studios to tell large stories without having to spend "$50 million an episode."

Other projects announced by DC Studios include Superman: Legacy--billed as the "start of the DCU"--a Batman project called The Brave and the Bold, and a horror film based on Swamp Thing. The studio also announced Lanterns, a series that Safran and Gunn describe as the DCU's answer to True Detective.

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