DC Comics fighter Injustice set for 2013

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman drop the gloves in Gods Among Us for 360, PS3, and Wii U; Mortal Kombat shop NetherRealm Studios handling development.


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The superheroes and villains of DC Comics are returning to the world of fighting games, as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced Injustice: Gods Among Us for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U.

The Flash has chosen a very poor time to stop running.
The Flash has chosen a very poor time to stop running.

Set for release in 2013, the game will feature a pantheon of DC staples, with the currently revealed roster already including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Harley Quinn, and Solomon Grundy. The storyline will involve the traditional breakdown of DC's good guys and bad guys being blurred, as the initial trailer poses the question, "What if our greatest heroes became our greatest threat?"

Development on Injustice is being handled by NetherRealm Studios, best known as the outfit behind the Mortal Kombat series of games. The team at NetherRealm already has experience adapting the DC universe to fighting games, having created Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe in November 2008, just months before then-publisher Midway went bankrupt and was eventually acquired by WBIE.

For more on Injustice, check out GameSpot's first preview of the project.

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Avatar image for horizonwriter

@danusty Repeat after me... "It's just a video game..."

Avatar image for Beagh


At least 24

Avatar image for rom_shenhav

If it's going to be as boring as Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe was, then no thanks. I don't care about the PG rating and no blood thing, It's just that it's not going to live up to the hype.

Avatar image for Assemblent

I really don't understand all the grudge for Mk Vs Dc. It was not exceptional, that is true, nonetheless it was a very fun game to play, a cool crossover (of what happen to be two of my favorite worlds of fighting games and comics) and also, a breath of fresh air in the stale state that the MK franchise was getting into... And of course, preparing a path for the great fighting game that was to come, MK9, that would bring MK to 2D again and once again, setting rules in the fighting games genre. All in all, i'm all in for this! This game has everything to rock and I can't wait as I'm either a fan of Boon and also DC Comics ever since (seems like now) forever. Please just don't make flash as obnoxious as he was in Mk Vs DC, he almost made me wanna take anger-management sessions. :p

Avatar image for LION-

Lets see

Avatar image for drgribb

Really hope they put Black Adam in it!Here's hoping they at least include fatalities this time... MK Vs DC could've been a really great game. Hopefully they listened to people's complaints with that game and will address all those issues in this one!

Avatar image for tremor33

This looks promising. Although I would still love to see DC vs. Capcom. Or, better yet, Marvel vs. DC designed by Capcom

Avatar image for Mazinmichael

I really hope the gameplay resembles that of mk 9, but at the same time differs enough to make it unique, and not like mk 9 with dc characters.

Avatar image for Serious

Fully rendered cut scenes always look amazing. but I will hold out for some actual gameplay footage. Nice to see they are wearing the new reboot 52 costumes. I agreed that we have to have a large number of DC characters to make this game worth getting.And Not just Justice League Members but other DC universe characters Supergirl, Lobo Bane Starfire, Hawkman, Dr Fate, Cyborg, etc... Especially if you want to outdo Marvel v. Capcom 3 ultimate

Avatar image for JillV

"Jswiss I love this company, I'm very confident that they'll be able to pull this off. And I can't wait to get my hands on story mode. MK9 has set the standard on how story mode in fighting games should be." Yeah! right! if u only wanna play with one side not both, thanks to Netherrealms crappy storymode everybody wants to do something similar, but terribly failed(SCV).

Avatar image for ewokachu

The game looks promising, and worth checking out when complete. As for storylines in fighting games...well, that died many years ago. It's the gameplay that I crave.

Avatar image for Jswiss

I love this company, I'm very confident that they'll be able to pull this off. And I can't wait to get my hands on story mode. MK9 has set the standard on how story mode in fighting games should be.

Avatar image for bustybunny22

PLEASE make the areas big enough to fly around in and dont skimp on the characters!! Have Powergirl and Supergirl in it to play and i promise to pick it up on day one

Avatar image for ZOD777

Ok, but who the heck would be able to beat Superman without some kryptonite?

Avatar image for Beagh



Avatar image for Deadlysyns87

@ZOD777 Someone with Magic powers

Avatar image for kawaiiflonne

I will love another dc fighting game, not counting the dc vs mk I remember the last dc fighting game called Justice League Task Force for the snes. I know the game was bad in these days standards since it was a so so fighting game, but still had many good memories of Darkseid pwning me. So hopefully after 17 years of the last dc fighting game, they bring us some good memories like I had in JLA task force.

Avatar image for onewithtoenail7

im glad to see the mortal kombat guys didnt put wonder woman in a stripperiffic outfit, though ill bet one of her alternate costumes is.

im cautiously optimistic about this, given what happened when they tried to make a DC fighter before. a lot of the outfits look overdesigned, but whatever, i still really want to hear more about this. it cant be like mortal kombat, because the only thing holding that game together is gratuitous violence; the simple mechanics are more a means to inflict cathartic gore than anything. trying to do mortal kombat without that was the mistake made in MK vs DCU, so i hope they have something better planned.

Avatar image for Deadlysyns87

Gods Among us. yet in the Dc universe there are actual Greek gods. so by this Superman and all heroes are not Gods

Avatar image for Beagh

@Deadlysyns87 Dude wtf this is just a title cause of the story...ull see

Avatar image for AuronAXE

So they decided mixing DC with MK made no sense so they're just handling DC.

This is genius, I fully support this. Hopefully it's good.

I really really wish that exhibition-type matches a-la Street Fighter IV will be available. It's the one damn thing MK is always missing from the start of the series.

Avatar image for gokuss4z

This looks frickin great!!!

Avatar image for soulless4now

I'll be following this one.

Avatar image for Lotus-Edge

So, this is DC's take on Marvels' Civil War?Plus MK fighting?



Avatar image for syafiqjabar

As someone who has endured a lot of nerd whining online, I hope we can beat up their king Superboy Prime in this game.

Avatar image for hadlee73

Hopefully when they say storyline they mean more than just an incomprehensible opening movie with all the characters doing random stuff, and equally mysterious 10 second ending cinemas after beating the final guy.

Avatar image for onewithtoenail7

the latest MK game had a better story than pretty much any other fighting game ever, and while that probably isnt saying much, at least we know they will make a real, dedicated effort to the storymode.

Avatar image for hadlee73

@onewithtoenail7 I'd be happy with something similar to the MK story mode. Especially with the hilarious arguments that tend to stem from all those super hero egos. :)

Avatar image for BasilVZero

Gonna get this ;)

Avatar image for shalashaska88

Now it makes sense, without the MK characters.

Avatar image for KBFloYd

wow... now i can sell mortal kombat and get this.

Avatar image for SolidTy

A DC fighter made by the Mortal Kombat devs? Sweet! :)

Avatar image for CyhortI82

Yay for a fighting game that doesn't have Street Fighter or Capcom in the title!

Avatar image for oneligas

any game that lets you beat up superman is ok in my book

Avatar image for Zero519

MK vs DC 2 after this

Avatar image for toddx77

This looks great. I love DC comics so I will for sure be getting this. I wonder which route they will go though as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman look like the new 52 counter parts so will DC make all the characters look like the new 52? By the time this game comes out the new 52 will have been around for at least a year.

Avatar image for sergiodoom

I hope they include Lobo and Darkseid

Avatar image for Serpentes420

@sergiodoom Lobo would be kick ass

Avatar image for redluigi11

yes about time we get a dc fighting game

Avatar image for kawaiiflonne

@redluigi11 Don't mean to be a smart butt, but there was a actual other dc fighting game. Back in the snes days Justice League Task Force. So many fond memories of that game, I am happy to see another dc fighting game.

Avatar image for Master_Turismo

I'm sold already.

Avatar image for Superzone

Looks awesome. The new MK is the best fighting game this gen so I'm very excited for this.

Avatar image for Callista08

I just don't want MK's horrible input system though. I like the direction though.

Avatar image for Gabe447

the injustice league :D i remember seeing this alternate universe in an episode of justice league unlimited.

Avatar image for thribs


Are you thinking of the Justice Lords?

Avatar image for TheCyborgNinja

I wanted them to do this after MK vs DC. It's better than combining the two again.

Avatar image for bustybunny22

i want to play as POWERGIRL

Avatar image for FallenOneX

Just going to wait until this games comes out and rent it. And This time DC, try not to let the comics released in the same month featuring the same characters portray more acts of violence than their video game counterparts. Take a deep breath, and play through the latest Batman games again. The combat can still be gritty without filling the screen with blood.

Avatar image for ruhul612


Avatar image for moviequest14

This is actually really pleasant news and might influence my purchase of the wii-u , not that this is a system selling game ... but it's , at least so far , showing that the future 3rd part released games are getting wii-u released along with ps3/360 and not making a big deal out of porting the game , as if it's just common place , I'm excited for this game and hope to see the trend continue.

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