DC And Warner Bros Are Developing An Hourman Movie

JSA member Hourman will be getting his own movie with DC Films and Warner Bros.


DC Comics hero Hourman will be getting his own film, according to Deadline. DC Films and Warner Bros. will be partnering with Chernin Entertainment to produce the project. Gavin Games and Neil Widner (The Hot Wheels Movie) are set to write the script.

It is not currently known which incarnation of the character will feature in the movie. Introduced back in the 1940s, the original Hourman, Rex Tyler, was a scientist who had invented a chemical compound called Miraclo, which imbued him with incredible strength for exactly one hour, hence the name. Rex's son, Rick, had similar abilities but the effects of Miraclo were changed over the years as the character's story progressed, granting him things like precognition in addition to enhanced speed and strength. A live-action version of Rick was introduced on the CW series, Stargirl, played by Cameron Gellman.

Later, a third incarnation of Hourman was introduced as Matthew Tyler, an android from the future, composed of a "colony of intelligent machines" that could repair themselves and maintain humanoid form. Matthew Tyler's powers were loosely based on the Miraclo "hour of power" premise, but gave him an hour's worth of power over time where he could move between nanoseconds, view both the future and the past, and time travel.

Details about the project's planned production timeline, casting, and scheduled release are being kept under wraps.

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