DayZ Was Announced for PS4, But It's Not Exclusive to Any Platform

"DayZ is not exclusive to any platform," creator Dean Hall says.

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Dean Hall, the creator of popular zombie game DayZ, has spoken out to clear up some confusion about the recently announced console version. Though Hall announced DayZ for PlayStation 4 during Sony's Gamescom briefing yesterday, the game is by no means exclusive to that console. "DayZ is not exclusive to any platform," Hall said on Twitter.

His tweet came in response to a fan who said exclusive games from third-party developers are "inherently anti-consumer" and "make no sense" in 2014. Hall said, "I agree," suggesting we're likely to see DayZ come to other platforms, including potentially Xbox One, down the road.

In fact, Hall revealed earlier this year that he had met with Microsoft and "extensively" discussed a possible Xbox version of DayZ. However, it remains to be seen if DayZ will be a timed-exclusive for PS4, or if Hall only agreed to announce the game at Sony's briefing.

The was no mention of a release date for the DayZ console port yesterday--or even any footage from the game at all. Based on previous comments from Hall, we might not see the console version for some time. He said in February that no console version of the zombie game was in development at the time, and explained that it would take about a year to make the game.

It's clear, though, that the PC version of DayZ will not be forgotten. Hall said developer Bohemia Interactive is "acutely aware of how important the PC version is to us." He also noted that the studio "didn't want to just port DayZ" to consoles, but wants to take advantage of each platform's respective strengths.

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