DayZ Sales Reach 3 Million

Open-world PC zombie game reaches another sales milestone.

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Open-world PC zombie game DayZ--which remains an in-development, unfinished title--has now sold more than 3 million copies, publisher Bohemia Interactive announced on Friday.

"We would like to say thank you to every single one of the three million players that have joined us on the journey of making DayZ," project lead David Durcak said (via Videogamer). "You all have helped make DayZ the best open world, zombie survival game. This is an amazing achievement, and we are really looking forward to start sharing with you all of our game design improvements, anti-hack solutions and other optimizations we have been working on for a majority of the last year."

DayZ arrived on Steam Early Access in December 2013, selling 1 million copies in four weeks. By May 2014, the game had reached 2 million in sales.

Late last year, Bohemia Interactive outlined an extensive content roadmap for DayZ, also confirming at the time that the full, finished version of the game is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2016. A console version of the game is also in the works for PlayStation 4, and probably Xbox One, too.

DayZ creator Dean "Rocket" Hall left Bohemia Interactive at the end of 2014. He recently opened his own studio in New Zealand called RocketWerkz. He is actively hiring, though no details about the studio's first game have been announced.

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