DayZ Getting Killer Wolves and Bicycles

No confirmation on whether the wolves will be riding bicycles, too.


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Players will have more than zombies to worry about in DayZ--and I'm not talking about other players. The zombie survival game is getting predatory animal A.I., which will see wolves (and other animals) chase and attack players. But maybe you'll be able to get away from them on a shiny new bicycle?

In a recent DayZ Status Report, developer Bohemia Interactive showed off the game's first dirtbike. It also announced that it has started work on bicycles for the standalone game, which were a popular method of transportation in the DayZ Arma mod.

And perhaps you'll be able to use the bicycles as a getaway method when predatory wolves show up hungry. The DayZ developer posted a video to YouTube, teasing the upcoming addition of predatory animal A.I.

Additionally, Bohemia Interactive also detailed its focus on several parts of the game, including animation and rendering. The studio will be adding a tracking system to the game, which will allow players to more easily track prey and other players by way of footprints, blood stains, and tire tracks.

The Xbox One version of DayZ was expected to launch in the Xbox One Games Preview Program this winter, but it was delayed to early 2016. DayZ creator Dean Hall also revealed a new IP called Ion at E3 this year.

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