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DayZ doubles size of development team, cooking system in the works

The development team grows as DayZ creator Dean Hall prepares to step away from the game.

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The DayZ development team at Bohemia Interactive is being doubled in size, a post to the game’s development blog reveals.

DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall wrote the post himself, detailing several fixes and new systems that will be added to the game soon. Earlier this week, he announced that he plans to step down as the head of the popular open-world survival game before the end of this year, and will start a new studio in New Zealand.

The most interesting addition to the game revealed in the post is a new cooking system. “Heavily inspired by the outstanding cooking system in Project Zomboid, this will be part of a wider push in March to focus on Survival aspects of the game in general,” Hall said.

The cooking system will allow you to turn your cooking device on (a fireplace or stove) and then place items in it. Items will slowly heat up and become “cooked” when they reach the required heat, or become something else, like soup. “We're very excited by the possibilities for this system,” Hall said.

The team is also implementing several bug fixes, adding new animations, and improving stability. Finally, Hall said that there is much more going on, and that we’ll see a roadmap for the rest of the year “very soon.”

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