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DayZ Diaries: Can GameSpot survive the zombpocalypse?

We jump into the popular ArmA II mod and learn how to play, aided by the GameSpot community. Will we survive the waves of undead, or will other players be our undoing?

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DayZ is a zombie mod created for ArmA II. Blending simulation combat with the undead, the result is a tense, surprise-filled journey that leaves you to explore a huge, open world at your own pace. The learning curve is steep, the intentions of other players are seldom known, and survival is the name of the game.

Tune in for the DayZ Diaries streamed weekly on Wednesdays at 1 p.m. AEST!

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DayZ Diaries: Part 1
Ed and Randy jump into the popular ArmA II mod for the first time, and learn how to play the only way they know how: by running. Stick around for the ending.

DayZ Diaries: Part 2
After being humiliatingly trolled by another player and bleeding out, Ed and Dan use your community know-how to finally get some positive momentum, persisting through disappearing weapons and melting sheep with their new best friend, the hatchet.

DayZ Diaries: Part 3
After a slow, fruitless attempt to find loot in Elektro, Dan and Ed accept death with a touch of charity. However, a mysterious corpse filled with treasure gives us a new lease on life. With our blood running out, we struggle hard to get back on our feet with the help of the community via Twitch chat. Find out how it ends.

DayZ Diaries: Part 4
The community encourages us to rack up a zombie kill count and try to fix a car, but a rolling start doesn't always mean that you're better equipped. Sometimes, the bare basics are what you have to rely on to stand a chance.

DayZ Diaries: Part 5
Dan and Ed decide to turn into bandits, and actively kill other survivors in the zombie apocalypse. Unsurprisingly, they run into some trouble, moral and otherwise.

DayZ Diaries: Part 6
If you thought Dan and Ed couldn't be any worse at being DayZ bandits, you were wrong. Farmyard animals, graphical seizures and the friendliness of our community all take a dive in this episode.

DayZ Diaries: Part 7
Ed and Dan are both armed to the teeth and team up to wreak some co-op havoc on Chernarus, but do they have the mettle to match their malicious motivations?

DayZ Diaries: Part 8
Dan and Ed stumble across another player and despite initial hesitations, form the kind of bond that they thought had completely disappeared in DayZ.

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