DayZ Creator's New Survival Game, Icarus, Releases This Week

Icarus releases this week on Steam--here's all the content that will be available at launch.


After multiple beta testing periods, DayZ creator Dean Hall's new game, Icarus, is finally releasing this week. Developer RocketWerkz has now shared more information about when specifically the game will arrive and what content will be available at launch.

Icarus will unlock at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET on Friday, December 3, the developer announced in a post on Steam. The game normally sells for $30 but everyone who buys it before December 13 will save 10%, dropping it down to $27.

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Icarus is a survival game, and there will be 64 square kilometers to explore at launch. Icarus is a session-based game in which you play as a prospector who has traveled to a new world. The goal is to gather resources during a set period of time, but fail to make it back to your drop pod, and you'll be left behind.

Icarus will have more than 35 missions available at launch, and they have durations that range from days to weeks. There are more than 95 building pieces, 40 weapon and ammo types, 35 armor set pieces, 15 crafting benches, and 11 minerals to mine. The image below shows more of what to expect from Icarus at launch.

All the Icarus content at launch
All the Icarus content at launch

Earlier this year, GameSpot had a chance to play some of Icarus, and you can read about it in our preview, "Icarus Hands-On: DayZ Creator Has Unfinished Business With Survival Genre."

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