Days of Thunder: Arcade races to XBLA

Piranha Games racer based on blockbuster 1990 film hits Microsoft's console this winter, PC and Mac versions to follow.


While winter sees the stock car circuit go quiet each year, fans will be getting a little help passing the coming octane-challenged off-season from Paramount Digital Entertainment and Piranha Games. Today, the pair announced that they will be releasing Days of Thunder: Arcade on the Xbox Live Arcade this winter, with PC and Mac versions to follow.

Cole Trickle is in the Days of Thunder game, but Tom Cruise is not.
Cole Trickle is in the Days of Thunder game, but Tom Cruise is not.

Based on the 1990 Tom Cruise vehicle Days of Thunder, the Xbox Live Arcade game will feature characters like Cole Trickle, Russ Wheeler, and Rowdy Burns. Actor Michael Rooker is reprising his role as Burns to provide voice work for the game and serve as the player's coach. Under Burns' tutelage, players will compete against other drivers from the film, each intended to race in the same style as his onscreen counterpart.

Days of Thunder: Arcade will feature a single-player career mode, quick races, time trials, and a derby mode to see who can rack up the most damage. Those wanting to prove their skills against more competition can jump online for races of up to 12 players.

PlayStation 3 owners will also get a chance to relive the film, and with additional licensing to boot. Paramount and Piranha have also announced Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition for release on Sony's system. As the name suggests, the PS3-exclusive edition of the game will contain official licensing and drivers, including Kasey Kahne, Kurt Busch, and more.

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