Days Gone For PC Releases In May, New Trailer Shows Off Uncapped Frame Rate And More

Days Gone for PC is officially releasing next month and now you can get a closer look at it.


Days Gone will launch for PC on May 18, Sony has announced, while the company has also revealed gameplay footage for the first time. The trailer shows off some of the new PC features like its uncapped frame rate, photo mode, and more.

Days Gone for PC features 21:9 ultra-wide monitor support, as well as an unlocked frame rate option. Up to 500 zombies freakers can be on the screen at once, Sony said. In terms of other PC features, players can customize the level of detail, foliage draw distances, and other graphical settings. The game also supports controllers (either from Sony or others), along with mouse and keyboard controls.

What's more, Days Gone for PC has a photo mode that lets you snap photos from inside the game and then share them on social media.

Days Gone can be preordered now on Steam and Epic Games Store. The game was recently in the news after a Bloomberg story said developers at Sony Bend pitched a sequel that got rejected. Game director Jeff Ross, who has since left the studio, confirmed the pitch recently and said the sequel might have online elements, according to VGC.

Before this, Sony released the PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC, though the game had some notable issues at launch. The PS4 game Death Stranding was also released on PC, but that game was published by 505 Games for PC, not Sony.

A report said Sony has plans to bring a "whole slate" of its console games to PC at some point in the future. However, Sony has said that players should not expect all PlayStation exclusives to also release on PC, and instead those decisions will be made on a title-by-title basis.

Sony's strategy is not unique in the console space, either, as Microsoft has been releasing its first-party console exclusives on PC for years.

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