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Day-One PS Plus Game Foamstars Gets Content Roadmap

The foam-based party shooter has received new details for its first six seasons, making up around six months of new content and features.


Square Enix and Toylogic have revealed that their upcoming Splatoon-like PlayStation shooter Foamstars will have ongoing seasonal content, with new seasons arriving roughly every five weeks.

Arriving on February 6 as a PlayStation Plus free game for all membership tiers, Foamstars will be kicking off its first season, Starry Pop, straight off the bat. The initial season will include two time-limited ranked party events--a solo mode called Lonestar, and a team-based event called Tribe-Vibe. In these events, players can spend Rank Points (RP) to play in a five-round match for the chance to win even more RP. Players can climb the ranks by earning enough RP to undertake a Rank-Up Trial in the hopes of reaching the next ranked tier.

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Another limited-time event is Extreme Party, which this season will include two exclusive game modes--All Mel T Party, where, as it sounds, all players will play as the character Mel T, and Invisible Mode, where all players are invisible for the duration of the game.

The Happy FriYAY Party is another limited, weekend-only event that will give players a chance to try out Season 2's new Foamstar, Coiff Guy, in a low-pressure mode before he's available in the full game.

As might be expected from this kind of game, Foamstars will be launching with a season pass, which includes a free season pass and a premium season pass. While all characters, maps, and modes can be unlocked with either pass, the premium pass will unlock new characters far more quickly, and will include exclusive cosmetic items.

Past the first season, which runs from February 6 to March 8, Foamstars already has five more seasons mapped out, and new features which will arrive with each. New characters, or Foamstars, will be arriving in Season 2, 3, 5, and 6. Expect new maps to arrive in season 4, and new modes and missions with most seasons. Check out more details in the roadmap image below.

Foamstars roadmap
Foamstars roadmap

Foamstars releases on February 6 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The game will launch on day one as a free game for subscribers on even the lowest tier of PlayStation Plus. After March 5, it will be available for $30.

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