Day of Defeat: Source released

Updated WWII PC shooter now available for download through Valve's Steam service.


It's all too common in the gaming industry for a publisher to take a popular game, slap a fresh coat of paint on it, and push it out the door as a sequel. And while "sequel" may be a preferable label to "remake," at least Valve Software's honest about it.

Now available through Valve's Steam service, Day of Defeat: Source joins Half-Life: Source and Counter-Strike: Source as the latest in the company's line of popular games remade with the Source engine. Being a remake, Day of Defeat: Source is essentially the same game as the original, letting teams of players face off as squads of either Allied (British or American) or Axis (German) troops on World War II-inspired maps. The new version features the original maps updated with new Source-powered graphics, HDR lighting, and new player, weapon, and world models. It also boasts rag-doll physics.

Day of Defeat: Source is available exclusively from Valve over the Steam service for $19.95. PC gamers wishing to download the game will have to log onto Valve's Steam service at

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