Day 2 of The Walking Dead hinted by Telltale Games

Telltale Games shows a glimpse of new The Walking Dead content on Vine.


Telltale Games has teased new content for its well-received episodic adventure The Walking Dead.

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On the social networking service Vine, the developer showcased a short clip showing a series of new characters to those seen in the first five episodes. The most lingering shot was on a bearded man called Vince, and the title of the post was called "Day 2."

Telltale has said its second series of The Walking Dead will begin its episodic release in Q3 2013, and series writer Gary Whitta has already suggested that the developer might bridge the gap between its two seasons with some additional content.

"Knowing that people are hungry for more Walking Dead…there may very well be more Walking Dead from Telltale before season two. We may have a little something extra for you between season one and two," said Whitta earlier in the year.

Alongside continuing The Walking Dead, Telltale Games is also working on The Wolf Among Us, an adaptation of Bill Willingham's Fables graphic novels.

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Avatar image for Lausanna

Can't wait! Also, I really want to know what happens with Clem.

Avatar image for arc_salvo


Oh, thanks to what you do to help raise her, Clem turns into the most ridiculously powerful zombie slayer of all time and kills all the zombies.

Yes all of them. By herself.

Avatar image for surferosh

Loved the first game by Telltale.. and hoping that this one is equally good and as powerful with its story as TWD..

cant wait to see what happens to Clementine and the other two survivors..

Avatar image for 1RazvanClaudiu

Please, no prequel.

The only reason most people played TWD apart from the fact it was a good game (even if it was more of an interactive movie than game) was to see what happens to the protagonist and to Clementine. The black dude is dead so we want a game where Clementine takes the center piece again.

Avatar image for Oozyrat

I'm a big Walking Dead fan and bought the game on a Steam sale for $12 when it was all done. Definitely my GOTY. Now I have to decide if I want to get it in episodes or by it in full again. I really don't know if I can deal with the cliff-hangers, but then I don't know if I can wait that long to play it!

Avatar image for DrScorpio

You know, Something in this series is harm me! i try to test different strategy but all way go through one point and final story! after all story is fantastic!! will be waiting!

Avatar image for Terrencec06

enjoyed the story, looking forward to more. Plus the game was priced fairly.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@AggrandizedUser No. Not terrible writing, not terrible voice acting, and not terrible game making, because it wasn't a game. I wouldn't expect your hipster 90s kid ass to know that though because you've never written anything in your life.

Avatar image for abnergoinbig

Looking forward to this. I want to double dip on the retail copy for my PS3 since I have the digitial version on my 360.

Avatar image for SauhlGood

The Story was the only thing enjoyable, and its just not enough "game" around the story.

no actual gameplay, apart from systematically clicking on things you meet along the way, and combine them in(extremely obvious ways). QTE's are NOT gameplay

Avatar image for IgotEpixx

@SauhlGood It's an Adventure game. They existed long before most modern iterations of FPS, RPGs, etc.

Avatar image for edinko

@IgotEpixx @SauhlGood Its not even close to an adventure game. Its an interactive movie but that's it. there is no gameplay to sepak of. ADvetnure games have puzzles you know for example. WD has nothing. just QTES and watching cutscenes

Avatar image for SauhlGood

@IgotEpixx @SauhlGood I know I used to play them, games like Dragons Lair, back in the day. That bein said, theres a reason we don't use steam-cars anymore... Those days spawned those games out of necessity, gfx and memory didn't allow dev's to make proper rpg's and adventure games. And being spoon-fed all the answers is not how I remember "monkey island" either... Its dumbed down even by "adventure game" standards

Avatar image for FranklynStreet

@SauhlGood @IgotEpixx @SauhlGood @IgotEpixx Dragon's Lair is not an adventure game. Try the text adventure Infocom's, the Sierra On-Line series like the Police Quests, King's Quests, Space Quests, Leisure Suit Larry games, and the Lucasfilm games like the Indiana Jones games, Loom, and The Dig. Those are adventure games. Dragon's Lair was an arcade game where you pressed a button to determine the next FMV. Very different.

Avatar image for abnergoinbig

@SauhlGood @IgotEpixx Dragons Lair is a horrible example, bro lol.

Avatar image for IgotEpixx

@AggrandizedUser Terrible writing? Get out.

Just leave your shit.

And get out.

Avatar image for IgotEpixx

I see Christa.

Avatar image for JustTomic

It's Jesus!

Avatar image for mindfreak4563

@AggrandizedUser @Noshi_Tocho @MaxRoi04 shut it david cage.

Avatar image for Humdinger80

Did you not play the game? Of course there were "evil" choices? The option to kill both cannibal brothers at the dairy farm in Ep 3 or dropping Ben in the tower in Ep 4 are just 2 examples.

Avatar image for Dudersaper

Finallt we heard some more about this. Looking forward to it. But like most said, I highly doubt they'll top the first season, but I'm looking forward nonetheless.

Avatar image for Jonno621

@Dudersaper I dunnnooo. Pretty simple game and with an increased budget + criticisms from last game taken into account it might be better. Story-wise I'm not hugely sure, but I'm sure they'll manage.

Avatar image for Dudersaper

@Jonno621 @Dudersaper Oh yeah, I'm sure they'll improve it gameplay wise. Maybe put in better puzzles or improve other gameplay aspects. Though as you said, story-wise I doubt they'll make something with as much impact, but I'm still sure it'll be great.

Avatar image for Dragon-Power

Thanks Martin for the News .

Avatar image for Sun-Tzu-GE

Finally some good news for a change ! I don't think they can top off season 1 though,especially the ending.

Avatar image for SoNin360

I think it'll be tough to top the first season, but nonetheless I look forward to more Walking Dead from these guys.

Avatar image for the_big_doggg

TV show is overrated garbage but the game is alright.

Avatar image for crunchb3rry

Episodic again? Boo!

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

@crunchb3rry Episodic? From TellTale? Did NOT see that coming! /sarcasm

Avatar image for accesdenied

@AggrandizedUser More of a narritivc game. My wife doesnt like gaming but likes the walking dead, needless to say she bought me the game and watched me play it she even played it was like a "show" to her. I enjoyded very much. It was just like its own show.

Avatar image for LeoLex_

Clementine in later teens would be pretty awesome, living in the hardest conditions yet..

Avatar image for WantYouBad

Game would have been so much better if your choices actually made a difference.

Avatar image for IgotEpixx

@WantYouBad "The story is TAILORED to your choices"

Avatar image for WantYouBad

@IgotEpixx @WantYouBad Yeah that's the worst part, it keeps selling that lie over and over throughout the game. The second can't be as well received because theywon't be able to trick people again.

Avatar image for far-outdude

I hope we find out what happened to Clementine

Avatar image for Unfallen_Satan

@far-outdude I want to know more about her future too but not in a way that will take away from the first game's ending.

Avatar image for chicknfeet

I approve of this

Avatar image for Lost_Omega

Will season 2 still involve Clementine? I loved her relationship with Lee in the first season but I don't know how I'll feel about her with some new character in the new game. I'm excited, don't get me wrong, but I don't know what they're planning.

Avatar image for hydrobeast

finally do you know how long I been waiting for some walking dead season 2 information even if it is a short 10 sec clip. Thank you

Avatar image for bluefox755

Why do all vine videos look like they've been shot in a state of panic?

Avatar image for Hey_Jay

@bluefox755 Nobody's got steady hands, these days.

Damn sugar.

Avatar image for LE5LO

@Hey_Jay Nice user image. It's probably close enough to Max to warrant a law suit from Telltale if profits were made from the likeness. But I'm no lawyer, and I stole my user image. lol

Avatar image for Hey_Jay

@LE5LO @Hey_Jay Close enough isn't enough to warrant a lawsuit (at least one that would have any traction). I didn't even know who Max was. I had to look it up.

This ain't Max.

Avatar image for MaxRoi04

Please make a badass main character this time.

lee was cool and everything but he wasn't a badass like Rick grimes or the Governor.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@MaxRoi04 How is rick a badass? Lol. Clearly you haven't read the comic or even seen the show, he's hardly a badass.

Avatar image for accesdenied

@MaxRoi04 lol I agree lee was cool but damn the number of time he falls gets hurt or was dazed was just too much. I remember playing and saying "again"

Avatar image for RedWave247

@MaxRoi04 Yeah, because hacking at a crowd of dead heads with one hand to make his way to Clementine while burning up with a fever doesn't make him badass.

Avatar image for Unfallen_Satan

@MaxRoi04 As long as the game is still zombie survival and not zombie beatdown.

Avatar image for Noshi_Tocho

@MaxRoi04 What do you mean Lee wasn't badass? He starts off the story in the back of a squad car headed to prison for murder.

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