Day 1 Studios loses Konami publishing deal

[UPDATE] Chicago-based developer lays off 95% of staff working on Konami's Silent Scope reboot; second, significantly smaller team trudges on.


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[CORRECTION:] This story originally reported that Day 1 Studios had laid off approximately 95 percent of its staff. GameSpot's source has clarified this information, saying the 95 percent figure pertains to the Silent Scope team, and not the entire studio. A significantly smaller team remains at work on a second in-development project.

The original story can be found below.

The sun has set on Day 1 Studios. Today, GameSpot learned that the company has laid off approximately 100 employees--or 95 percent of its staff--as it winds down operations in preparation for closure.

Don't expect a F.3.A.R 2 from Day 1 Studios.
Don't expect a F.3.A.R 2 from Day 1 Studios.

A source told GameSpot that the Chicago-based studio's collapse came as a result of losing its publishing deal with Japanese publisher Konami. Day 1 had been at work on a new installment in Konami's classic arcade shooter Silent Scope, a franchise that has not seen a new installment since 2002's Silent Scope 3 for the PlayStation 2.

Day 1 was founded in 2001 by ex-FASA Interactive veteran Denny Thorley and Microsoft Game Studios' TJ Wagner. Out of the gate, the studio scored a hit with 2002's MechAssault for the original Xbox. After a MechAssault follow-up in 2004, the studio created the original property Fracture for LucasArts and then took over for Monolith on Warner Bros. Interactive's F.E.A.R. 3.

Neither Day 1 Studios nor Konami had returned GameSpot's request for comment as of press time.

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Avatar image for rob_dAmAgE

I love how people now say that Fear 1 & 2 are so great & that is't fear 3 that is the bad one. A little while ago, i remember whenever i spoke highly about fear 2, everyone would come out of the woodwork to tell me how wrong I was

Avatar image for williamzamora

Dam i was hoping for dlc,s and Fear 4 the Fear games are the best fps for me anyway!

Avatar image for RPGFanatic88

So this means there will probably never be a F.E.A.R. 4? =(

Avatar image for SLjimbolian

Be kind of hard to bring in a Silent Scope reboot without the classic arcade cabinet with built-in sniper rifle.

Avatar image for pidow

Truly sad, now is not the time of year to loose one job, holiday's in all, no time is right to loose one job period.

Avatar image for kkxtrouble

Sad, i hate to see people losing their jobs, the gaming industry is brutal and this last years have been awlfull to the smaller companies.

Avatar image for hella_epic

i dont care how bad or good their games's always a sad thing when people lose their jobs and seeing some people on this page say "they deserve it" and "screw them,they killed fear 3" is extremely sad,you wanna troll go troll bout MW3, BF3,skyrim or dark souls but dont be pathetic and troll when honest people have lost their jobs.........

Avatar image for killa32130

@infectedbones Consoles are becoming bigger and now that they're cheaper people who couldn't afford them before can now. Pc Gamings the one taking hits because of stupid things like piracy, hell the Gamepstops use to have a large section for Pc games and now its just return section or Blizzard games. So basically because of piracy, people rather make games for consoles because they'll make their money there.

Avatar image for Toysoldier34

This is why you shouldn't buy Call of Duty. Companies that actually put hard work into their games barely get by. If a game were to be breaking sales records of all media, don't you think it would be game of the year worthy hands down from everywhere if it sold so well? Yet it doesn't get those kinds of scores, so why does it get those kind of sales it doesn't deserve. Support smaller company, receive better games. Most people would be surprised how good indie games can be that most people never even hear of.

Avatar image for davidsworld3

Get rid of the studios that fail to produce quality work, just a waste of talent and money.

Avatar image for davidsworld3

mech assault is the only game I see on their that was ok, the rest were crap. So no surprise.

Avatar image for v3rtigoh

im sorry to hear that :( i remember mech assault was the only game i played when i had my old xbox ah the good ol days :)

Avatar image for wexorian

Sadly Fear 3 not soo cool as previous ones, it was meeh , i got feelt that something was missing, if Batman team had worked on Fear 3, maybe Fear 4 but it needs good story, could be cool :)

Avatar image for UntraceableHaze

Well good, maybe lazy monolith will made the 4th FEAR. I mean cmon, blood, no on lives forever, condemned, the other fears. Maybe this is a sign from the gamnig gods! We want monolith to always make the fear games

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

Damn, I hope Day 2 guys know what's coming tomorrow. In all serious, it is always sad whenever a development studio closes, especially small independent studios where innovation happens.

Avatar image for howie1926

Always sad to hear, especially around the holidays. F3AR was not that bad of a game. Although it was not really scary like it is supposed to be, it was fun in it's own sort of way I guess.

Avatar image for koospetoors

While I feel bad for them, I won't particularly miss them, especially not after that garbage FEAR sequel they made...

Avatar image for skattestop

Good riddance....destroying one of my all-time favourite IP's sure didnt make me happy.

Avatar image for godzillavskong

@lamprey263 You are so right about some single player games being left alone and not having tacked on multiplayer. I thought Bioshock was better than Bioshock 2 and I think it was due to the multiplayer. It felt generic and I would have rather had them create some more levels for the single player campaign, or some sorta additional content. It seems like nowadays publishers are pushing the developers to add multiplayer, no matter what the title.Now I like the co-op side of it, where you can do the campaign with a friend, but it just seems like some companies are almost ruining certain franchises by adding competitive multiplayer.

Avatar image for godzillavskong

Wow! I guess that deal with Konami was a make or break type deal. Silent Scope was a great game and I think we need more shooters that use the peripherals out there.Yeah we have a lot of FPS out there, but only a handful use the gun attachment. Hopefully the game won't suffer due to this layoff.

Avatar image for mastodonfatguy

two of their staff came to my college today to give a speech about the game industry, one of them got laid off yesterday , they are basically un-able to finish the game ,and they are most likely not going to be able to finish their secret project that he couldnt talk about.

Avatar image for lamprey263

before firing the staff over F3AR they should have just let them work on one thing they're already good at, and that's the MechAssault games and I think F3AR could have been a lot better had they not gone and tried changing the series up so drastically with needless co-op, some games are just better as SP games as I see it

Avatar image for infectedbones

why would the developer make something new?? when this console generation is dying??

Avatar image for Rubius02

@honor and wasakaka What exactly do you guys want? Untamed "innovation" destroys series. The reason why Final Fantasy sucks now isn't because they tweaked on a good, successful system, its because they went away from it. Breath of Fire is no more, because of the "innovation" of BofV. Street Fighter was dead in the water until Capcom was surprised at the sales of Super Turbo on Xbob Live. And just look at Guilty Gear 2. Each major series is a collection of play mechanics that make the series unique. Final Fantasy had the ATB, Zelda has exploration, Mario is an obstacle course, Metal Gear is stealth melodrama, Disgaea is level grinding for crazy stats and wacky characters, etc. etc. etc. Originality is nonexistent. Here's a tip for you: If you don't like a series anymore than don't play it. There are plenty of other series to play. It's stupid to change what makes a series a series. It'll kill it.

Avatar image for LegionsAssassin

They never really did anything of major importance after the first Fear. It is a cut throat industry now. If you do not release a great game once every couple years than your company will not survive.

Avatar image for slowdrum13

I'm glad they went out, since they never fixed fear 3 with a patch. your co-op game doesn't work because the servers were never up!

Avatar image for megadeth1117

Too bad, I thought FEAR 3 was awesome

Avatar image for wasakaka

@HonorOfGod, You have beaten the gaming industry and consumers with your fist of thruth, dude. Completely agree with your statement. I mean, i like when developers actually build on sequels and at least try to do something new with them, but let's face it, most of them just add small tweaks iteration after iteration (I'm looking at you COD, all the mayor shooters out there and nintendo with their never ending marios, zeldas and metroids) and people just keep supporting this trend by buying those games like if they were crack.

Avatar image for santinegrete

Just when I see FEAR 3 as a step closer to reedem the saga. I know it's corrected, but it's still a heavy hit.

Avatar image for Orbitz89

This is sad news, I remember really enjoying MechAssault on the original Xbox and i recently tried Fear 3 and it wasn't too bad. Hopefully those who were laid off can get jobs at a different studio.

Avatar image for gpm23

Hopefully somebody can pick up the Fear franchise and restore it back to it's roots. One of my favorite games of all time.

Avatar image for strayfies

@Dezuria I agree, and I'll even one-up you there. I MISS when Konami and Capcom were making their own games.

Avatar image for HonorOfGod

Its sad that these people have lost there jobs BUT! the FEAR series was already dead. If they had made new games and use new ideas which devs now in days do not do in the name of milking a name that sales (Final Fantasy, COD, Uncharted, Mario, Zelda ext.) they might have still been able to keep that 95% and had a load of money. In the end all we are gonna get with the PS4 and PS5 are more milking of names and games like MW10 and Final Fantasy 20 also Mario Kart 10 .... 10!!! does this even register boys and girls? this all seems to be about money so lets use that to take the game industry back and make money talk by not giving it to them until they make new and fresh games. Video Games suck now in days and the reason why I go on sites like this is to see if someone finally made something new.. but that train never gets here.

Avatar image for Evilbunz

@supergp17 yes it is totally the fault of the studio head.... he should have sent a hitman after konami or made threaten them if they backed out of the deal. Makes total sense.

Avatar image for ColdfireTrilogy

@DrKill09 says the guy who somehow enjoyed DNF enough to give it an 8.5 ... I can play the classic duke3d on my computer anyday, in fact I have a 6 gig installation with all the versions sitting on my drive playable at any time... I couldn't even finish DNF it was so atrocious. I would think you would cherish the "garbage" games done by Day 1.

Avatar image for holy_terr0r

@DrKill09 Lol I see your comments always being the most thumbed down on pretty much anything you post on, because all you do is talk trash 24/7 on here. Always sad to see a studio closing down, and the numbers of unemployment that follow with it.

Avatar image for supergp17

A feel bad for the employees. The fault lies with the decision makers, and yet I'll bet they retained their jobs or got a sweet severance...

Avatar image for Dezuria

I remember the days when Konami and Capcom made their own games, instead of outsourcing.

Avatar image for datbush

normaly i would side with the developer but after how bad they screwed up fear 3, it really serves them right.

Avatar image for Nathalmighty1

Well I'm sorry that you feel that way DrKill09. I'm glad to see that few here would ever agree with you and your blatant lack of respect for people.

Avatar image for RavageCobra

Sorry to joke about this but... Now they are the 5% xP

Avatar image for TerrorRizzing

the sad truth of the gaming industry, especially the console focused stuff.

Avatar image for Ice_man_1985

here it comes.

Avatar image for pszone

Well there isnt going to be another fear game becuase its finish. Plus for there silent scope they should made another 1 ages ago for ps3 and xbox360. And another thing they should camble put a lot lot money on fear 3 but sadly it didnt do well and i like series but know think the end for day 1 studios. Because i dont think there new psn game going to sale. I think they have turn the company in the wrong way and i think too late for them to chance course.

Avatar image for DrKill09

@Nathalmighty1 Well, if they wanted to keep their jobs, they should've produced higher quality games and ports. I'll repeat, SCREW THEM.

Avatar image for Freethinker101

I would like to clarify something. People get fired for being bad at their jobs, what is happening here is people being made redundant, because the games they have produced have not sold well, or as in this case a source of money has been taken away. there is a huge difference between people who turn up late, miss deadlines and fail to mix well with co workers and hard working people who just happen to have been hit by a bad recession. In addition to the people who make the games, there will be people like cleaners, accountants, administration support and a whole heap of others who work within the company who don't actually make the games. Not to mention the other companies that have nothing to do with the game development but whose business's supplied these guys and gals with coffee, paper etc, etc. People losing their jobs is a bad thing and for all of you saying that it is their fault because the games were not good are heartless Trolls and should recieve nothing from Santa this year.

Avatar image for Nathalmighty1

Regardless of what you think of their games its never a good thing when decent people lose their jobs. Some people on these boards sicken me!!!! Yes Im looking right at you DrKill09

Avatar image for Soothsayer42

95% ???

Avatar image for Sir_Breadington

Yeah, but as far as this goes, it's a shame this happened.

Avatar image for X-RS

@bongsyas_23 Monolith develpoed that, as well as CONDEMNED!

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