Dawn of Sorrow breaks on DS

Konami ships newest 2D Castlevania adventure for dual-screened handheld; Aria hero returns to prevent Dracula's resurrection.


You can ask any Belmont: Dracula just won't stay dead. Just like the Castlevania series itself, he always comes back.

But in Konami's new Dawn of Sorrow for the Nintendo DS, players once again assume the role of Soma Cruz (from Aria of Sorrow on the Game Boy Advance), a more proactive vampire hunter than your average Belmont. Whereas most might wait for Dracula to cast his evil shadow over a rustic countryside before picking up a whip and a stake, Soma once again is out to stop the cursed Count from resurrecting in the first place.

Developed with the DS hardware in mind by producer Koji Igarashi, Dawn of Sorrow uses a Magic Seal system that lets players cast spells by tracing out runes on the system's touch screen. Players can also use the system's wireless connectivity to trade acquired souls or race each other through their custom-made maps.

Dawn of Sorrow is rated T for Teen and retails for $34.99. Check back with GameSpot for a full review.

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