David O. Russell talks Uncharted film

Director of upcoming Nathan Drake silver screen adaptation says he will be "respectful as far as the core content and spirit of the game."


Director David O. Russell's period boxing film The Fighter is up for seven Oscars at this weekend's annual award show, but the man is also answering questions about his upcoming game-to-film endeavor.

In an interview with Slashfilm, Russell answered questions pertaining to his video game playing habits, how he wants to "respect" the Uncharted games with the film, and the stigma attached to many films based on games.

Might the upcoming Uncharted film be a hit?
Might the upcoming Uncharted film be a hit?

"My son plays most of the games in our house, and I will play them with him, but I'm not hardcore. I’m not going to present myself as hardcore. But I played the game a bunch of times and I also read as much as I could about the game," Russell said. "I started to brew together what I thought could be a really cool idea that I’d never seen in a film before…really intense action and really intense family dynamics on a global stage."

"To grow a game into a movie is an interesting proposition because a game is a very different experience than a movie. You guys are playing the game, and it's about playing the game. It's not about a narrative embracing you emotionally," he said. "So, I want to create a world that is worthy of a really great film that people want to watch and rewatch, so that's what I'm working on right now."

As far as the narrative of the film is concerned, Russell did not offer specifics but did note that his story will ring true with the video games. That said, he also mentioned how the film is his and his alone, and fans should let him do his work.

"I'm very respectful as far as the core content and spirit of the game, but beyond that, it's my job as a filmmaker to make what I think is going to be an amazing movie," he said. "People have to trust that and let that go, I think. There's not a bunch of movies you can point to that are made from games that are amazing movies…that stand up to time as a franchise or as [individual films]."

In early May, Russell was among a list of potential directors for the film, and in August, it was reported that negotiations between Russell and Columbia Pictures fell through. However, now all bets seem to be back on.

Unfortunately, further specifics on the upcoming film, like a potential release date or cast members, have not been officially announced. However, Russell has indicated his interest in having Wahlberg play Nathan Drake, either Scarlett Johansson or Amy Adams play love interest Elena, with Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci part of the cast as Drake's father and uncle, respectively.

The next entry in the Uncharted series--Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception--is due out on November 1, 2011. For more on that title, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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