David Kim explains three goals for StarCraft balance

Blizzard's David Kim elaborated on three things that were important to him when balancing StarCraft II's multiplayer.


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Blizzard's David Kim outline three balance design goals for StarCraft II's multiplayer during the StarCraft II Update Panel today.

Their first tenant was that there should be diversity in games. He acknowledged that certain combinations and styles, like Terran mech play, had fallen out of vogue, and that they wanted to work on changing that.

The second goal was that the game, on the whole, should be more actioned packed. They were looking into different, more aggressive openings, and ways to promote more harassment in matches. Kim noted, "The more windows of opportunity in a given matchup, the more exciting the game will feel."

The third, and perhaps most interesting, goal was that they wanted to make displays of skill more apparent to fans. Kim remarked, "Our focus should be more so on the things that everyone can understand." He added that the nuances of the game that appeal to the hardcore fan are important, but continued they were interested in promoting the types of play that can be understood by the casual fan.

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