David Cage shows off next-gen PS4 demo

Quantic Dream founder shows off studio's new engine on Sony's next-gen console.


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Beyond: Two Souls

Quantic Dream founder David Cage took to the stage at today's PlayStation 4 announcement in New York to show off his studio's new engine.

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Cage began the demo by explaining that developers rely on technology to convey emotion in games.

While Quantic Dream's title Heavy Rain used 15,000 polygons on the PS3, Cage revealed his new title, Beyond: Two Souls, will be capable of 30,000 polygons on the PS4.

Cage then showed off a tech demo on the PS4 utilising his studio's new engine. The demo featured the face of a character whose features evolved slowly as they were added on. According to Cage, the features demonstrated--things like realistic eye shading, skin shading, and depth of field--are usually reserved for CGI films.

"We know we can go further to create subtle emotions," Cage said. "Just by looking at a character, players will be able to witness this. We can finally concentrate on the stories we want to create, without being restrained by the horsepower to do so."

Cage did not reveal any more information about Beyond: Two Souls, or whether the game will be released on the PS4.

The game, which stars Juno and Inception actress Ellen Page, is due out exclusively on the PlayStation 3 later this year. The industry veteran recently revealed that he has plans for the next three games after Beyond: Two Souls.

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