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David Cage calls for Apocalypse Now-like shooter

Heavy Rain director says he wants to see a game that is "not just about shooting and glorifying violence"; hopes new technology used to "say something meaningful."


Outspoken Quantic Dream boss David Cage has told VG247 that he would like to see a shooter be made that focuses on the "difficulty" of war. He bemoaned games like Call of Duty, saying that even with new advancements in technology, "it's the same game." Instead, Cage said he is interested in a game that approaches war in the way that popular American war movies Platoon or Apocalypse Now do.

Cage might be the last person you'd expect to advocate for a new shooter.
Cage might be the last person you'd expect to advocate for a new shooter.

"Then it would be very interesting," he said. "To not make a game just about shooting and glorifying violence by saying, 'look how great it is to have a gun and shoot at people.’ It would be interesting to show the other angle, and how difficult it is to be at war."

Cage elaborated further, saying he hopes that when new hardware arrives, it will be used to "say something meaningful. But if you use it to do another shooter--that's cool--but it's not a big step."

Last week during Gamescom, Cage called on the industry to "grow up," saying he was frustrated with the industry's reluctance to broach more mature subject material. This followed comments from July, when he said the industry will "die" without innovation.

Cage is currently working on Beyond: Two Souls, a new narrative-focused PlayStation 3 game that he claims will be emotional, mature, and unique. Juno and Inception actress Ellen Page will provide the voice and likeness for the game's mysterious young woman, Jodie Holmes.

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