Dave Attell to provide color commentary for Outlaw Golf 2

<i>Insomniac</i> host to call the action of Take-Two's "rowdy, tasteless" golf sequel.


Click "Stream for Free" for higher resolution Stand-up comic Dave Attell will provide color commentary for Outlaw Golf 2, publisher Take-Two Interactive announced today. Attell, best known for hosting the late-night Comedy Central show Insomniac, will lend his gravelly voice and abrasive humor to what developer Hypnotix calls its "rowdy, tasteless" golf simulator. This is not the first time a Comedy Central comedian has worked on an Outlaw game: The Daily Show's Steve Carrell voiced Outlaw Volleyball. Check out GameSpot's continuing coverage of Outlaw Golf 2 for a brand-new gameplay movie featuring Attell's voice work.

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