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Dauntless Is Out On Switch Today, New Expansion Coming

Monster in your pocket.


The loot-driven action RPG Dauntless will soon be available to take with you wherever you want. During Nintendo's last indie showcase of the year, Nick Clifford of Phoenix Labs appeared to announce that the free-to-play game is heading to Nintendo Switch extremely soon--as in, later today.

The announcement was paired with a few extra details on some events and items. The game's next expansion is Stormchasers, and will be coming to Switch as well, naturally. The studio also announced that Switch will get some exclusive and free cosmetic items: Sky Fighter armor and a Sky Metal weapon set.

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Dauntless is a free-to-play game that often draws comparisons to the Monster Hunter series--essentially, you hunt down fantastical beasts for their pelts and then make wicked armor out of it. It has a different visual style than Monster Hunter, and as a live game its events work a little differently. It officially launched on consoles this year after a lengthy beta period on PC.

"Dauntless is clearly an experience that has been optimized to deliver the most stress-free multiplayer session possible," Ginny Woo said in GameSpot's Dauntless review. "From the seamless crossplay to the way that anyone can hop into a game and confidently take up arms against formidable foes, it’s refreshingly accessible and looks great to boot. While it can feel a little empty, and there are bugs that mar the experience here and there, its fresh look and lively spark are more than enticing enough to warrant a spin."

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