Darwinia+ adapts onto XBLA

Xbox Live Update: Introversion's hybrid RTS debuts on Microsoft's online platform tomorrow, P.B. Winterbottom set for next week; Street Fighter IV uppercuts Games on Demand.

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It's been nearly four years since Introversion gained note by picking up top honors at the 2006 Independent Games Festival Awards for its innovative hybrid real-time strategy shooter Darwinia. Today, Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb laid out the next two week's worth of releases for Xbox Live Arcade and Games on Demand, confirming that Introversion's revival of the game, Darwinia+, will be available tomorrow.

Darwinia+ includes the original game, as well as Introversion's 2008 multiplayer-focused follow-up Multiwinia for MSP 1,200 ($15). The game is set within a virtual world of computer networks, one that has come under attack by a malicious virus. Players work to gather the imperiled Darwinians, as well as destroy the threatening virus. Multiwinia lets players pit their Darwinian tribes against one another across a variety of multiplayer game modes.

Those stick figures sure do have it rough.
Those stick figures sure do have it rough.

As previously announced, Darwinia+ will be followed by The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom on February 17. Though initially announced at the MSP800 ($10) price point, Hryb listed the game today as a MSP1,200 ($15) offering.

[UPDATE] Responding to a quest for comment, Microsoft confirmed that Hryb's initially listing for P.B. Winterbottom at the $15 price point was inaccurate. As previously announced, the game is available for MSP800 ($10).

A puzzle-platformer, The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom features a black-and-white film aesthetic and sees the titular villain doing his best to thieve as many pies as possible. Players secure the delectable treats by interacting with the actions of their clones, which are created when players "record" their actions in a given level.

As for Games on Demand, Capcom has digitized its acclaimed fighter Street Fighter IV for Microsoft's online platform. With Super Street Fighter IV slated to arrive April 27, the game's original iteration can be downloaded now for $29.99. On February 16, Capcom's Resident Evil 5 and Namco Bandai's Beautiful Katamari will be added to Microsoft's Games on Demand library. Neither game has been priced.

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