Darude will be on stage at DreamHack Winter 2013

Finnish trance producer and DJ Darude will be performing live at DreamHack. Get hyped.


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"What's that song?"

What probably began as a note of confusion is now widely regarded as a groan-inducing meme. Unless I've gotten my facts wrong (and do feel free to correct me if I did), Darude's Sandstorm was purportedly played rather often during League intermissions. Many would repeatedly ask for the title of the song and the answer would be an immutable, "Darude - Sandstorm!" Why that was noteworthy enough to transform into a meme is a bit of a mystery. Then again, the Internet is, by and large, a cryptic place.

Regardless of how all this silliness comes about, one thing's for sure. Darude will be making an appearance at DreamHack. It looks like it'd be a two-part thing. Darude will be making a guest appearance first sometime right before DreamHack Open - Starcraft II Grand Finals before eventually moving on to DreamHack Main Stage to execute a full set.

Here's hoping DreamHack won't be innunduated by non-stop, "What's that song?" More information can be found here.

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