Darksiders PC pushed to September

Vigil Games' apocalyptic action game missing summer release slot on PC; coming September 24 in UK; US retailers listing game as arriving Sept. 16.



The apocalypse is an event most would rather see never happen. And for PC gamers, the beginning of the end just got pushed back three months.

The PC edition of Vigil Games' Darksiders will miss its targeted June release and will instead bombard retail and digital distribution outlets September 24 in the United Kingdom. As of press time THQ's North American arm hadn't responded to GameSpot's request for release date clarification, but GameStop has listed it for September 16.

Delaying the inevitable to September.
Delaying the inevitable to September.

When Darksiders makes its way to retail, it'll also release in a special Hell Book edition. This version will include a comic book and art cards from creative director Joe Madueira, as well as a soundtrack CD.

Vigil Games is currently working on a Darksiders sequel and the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online, which debuted at E3 2010.

Darksiders, which shipped 1.2 million units in four weeks, tells the story of War and his mighty flaming steed Ruin. As the story goes, War inadvertently triggers the end of days after being tricked by a demon known as the Destroyer. The hornswoggled demigod then sets down a path of wanton carnage in a quest to destroy the Destroyer's minions along with the demon itself.

For more on the console versions of the game, check out GameSpot's original review of Darksiders.

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