Darksiders falls on PC

Vigil Games' apocalyptic action game set for release on new platform this June.


Biblically speaking, the end of the world is supposed to be prefaced by natural disasters, war, and the breaking of seven seals. But for a PC port of Vigil Games' end-of-the-world action game Darksiders, a simple announcement on the game's official Web site will have to do.

Before feasting on orphan sorrow and widows' tears, War likes to say grace.
Before feasting on orphan sorrow and widows' tears, War likes to say grace.

PC gamers will be able to saddle up as the apocalyptic horseman War this June. While THQ and Vigil Games haven't indicated whether or not there will be added content to the game, they have acknowledged some changes that will be made for the PC edition. Vigil is currently incorporating PC-friendly features like user-defined resolutions and keyboard/gamepad controls, and the game will be available through digital distribution.

Darksiders tells the story of War and his mighty flaming steed Ruin. As the story goes, War inadvertently triggers the end of days after being tricked by a demon known as the Destroyer. The hornswoggled demigod then sets down a path of wanton carnage in a quest to destroy the Destroyer's minions along with the demon itself.

For more on the console versions of the game, check out GameSpot's original review of Darksiders.

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