Darksiders 3 Publisher Won't Be At E3, Says It'll Be Drinking Beer And Watching Soccer Instead

They're going to spend June watching the World Cup.

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It's a long journey from THQ Nordic's headquarters in Vienna, Austria to Los Angeles, where E3 is held every year, and this year the publisher has decided not to make the trek across the world. As a result, none of THQ Nordic's upcoming games will be shown at the big convention.

In its own words, the company will instead stay at home, drink beer, and follow the World Cup, while also checking in on the games industry every once in a while. It specifically mentioned Devolver Digital's upcoming press conference, which, if last year's is any indication, is sure to be wild.

"It is with great regret that we at THQ Nordic must report that we will be unable to miss a single moment of this great sporting event," the publisher said. "Therefore, we will be forced to stay in our lovely Viennese beer gardens, blowing the froth off a couple, watching football and one or two cool press conferences on Twitch (looking at you, Devolver) instead of rocking it ourselves."

THQ Nordic has a number of games in the works right now, including Darksiders III and Biomutant. It's planning on showing its games off at other conventions, such as Gamescom in Germany later this year.

In other news, THQ Nordic purchased Koch Media earlier in 2018, which means that Saints Row developer Volition is once again under the THQ umbrella. The acquisition also gave THQ Nordic 4A Games and its Metro series.

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Avatar image for urbanman2004

Can't blame them, E3's overrated anyway

Avatar image for hardcoregamer1

There is something about the darksiders game that bores me, for some I lose the desire to finish the game so I dont think I will be getting this one.

Avatar image for Marky360

Shouldn't they be showing off Darksiders 3?

Avatar image for syntaxkt

I doubt anyone is upset that they aren't going to e3. Biomutant looks like a game that could have potential but will more likely fail miserably. I guess that saying can go with any new IP for an un established developer but more new games fail than succeed so they have a lot to prove themselves outside of postive impressions with previews.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

E3 is a giant waste of time and money. Do I enjoy the main prezos from the majors? Sure. But all those same prezos and news could be covered WAY cheaper.

Avatar image for kaminobenimizu

Kinda bummed about that, but if they prefer watching football, that's their decision. Besides, they'll show stuff at Gamescom instead of E3, so all's fine.

Let's hope Nintendo will do cute things, Sega will show cool stuff, SE drops news besides FFXV (as much as I like the game, it's getting old, I WANT MOAR KH3 AND FFVIIR!), Capcom... uhh... MH related stuff? Dragon's Dogma Online maybe?

EA. Lol.

Bethesda might have something new by now. Activision, yeah.

Ubisoft will show cool stuff that is downgraded later (or have they dropped the habit?).

Microsoft, yeah... Sony? Uh... I don't know.

As long as nobody pulls a No Man's Sky/Sea/City again, should be dandy.

Avatar image for Runeweaver

Their games don't have massive sales so spending lots of money doing an E3 event is likely a waste, far better to enjoy the football and drink beer.

Avatar image for RELeon

@Runeweaver: Very true. These are pretty good cult following games, but they aren't heavy hitters in terms of sales numbers and followers. Best to invest those dollars into the game, not a booth at E3.

Avatar image for Barighm

They'd rather spend their limited time and money, which they just spent like crazy buying up all these publishers and IPs, on developing games than showing off dressed up tech demos a la Ubisoft.

Sounds good to me.

Avatar image for MrDouglas

Bummed to learn you don't get to play as Famine or Pestilence in the new game, it's not really Darksiders without The Four Horsemen as protagonists. Oh well.

Avatar image for risingdawn


In Darksiders lore Famine and Pestilence aren't Horsemen, it's been that way since the first game.

War, Death, Fury and Strife are the Four Horsemen in Darksiders, they are Nephalim that realised their races power would lead to the destruction of the universe and so eliminated them and joined the Chared Council to keep the balance between the remaining races of Demons, Angels and Man.

The lore has never adhered to the traditional Four Horsemen mythology, you play as a Horseman in Darksiders 3, it was setup this way from the one of the first cutscenes in Darksiders 1 it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody already invested in the story.

I mean, you've been using Strifes twin revolvers 'Redemption' and 'Mercy' the entire series already, everybody knew Strife and Fury where the last two horsemen!

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

They're too POOR to show up, simple as that.

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

@Ripper_TV: Considering they just dropped $149 million to buy Koch Media, I don’t think paying for travel and a booth at E3 would be a problem.

Avatar image for The_Dragon_Born

Loved Darksiders 2. Sounds like they are trying to go back to D1 with the latest game. Might save me money

Avatar image for RELeon

@The_Dragon_Born: From what they have implied and what people who have played the early stages of the game has implied, its going to be a little less crazy, mass murder action like Darksiders 2, and be a bit more difficult from fight to fight, more like Darksouls. It remains to be seen, but I like how each game changes up the style and gameplay enough to make the characters unique in their fighting style.

Avatar image for Sorrow_316

They’re free to do as they please.

Avatar image for lembu90

Sounds like a boycott to me.

Avatar image for ice12tray

@lembu90: Or they are just football fans...

Avatar image for wexorian

I'm fine with Darksiders 3 Missing Fom E3, First demo did not looked well because of alpha not want to get disappointed till game's release :)

Avatar image for RELeon

They got the IP's for Saints Row, Metro, and Dead Island, and nothing, eh? I was hoping to see some cool stuff this year.

I really wanted to see some more on Metro Exodus and Dead Island 2, but I guess not this year.

Oh well, doubt they have anything developed this soon anyways. I just hope they don't sit on those IP's and let them rot. Those are some good games.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b797108c254e

The game is not ready to be shown so they aren't showing it. Don't understand the salt here...

Wish more developers did this instead of saying "Quick, you guys make a cutscene to show at E3 since we've got nothing else"...then again, people eat that sh*t up...

Avatar image for Dark_Matters

Who needs to advertise their game at the biggest game show around anyway, amirite?

Everyone already knows all about Biomutant and Darksiders...3, right? Was it 3? I think it's 3.

Whatever, it's just millions of dollars and years of their lives.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@Dark_Matters: Your first sarcastic question is actually the CORRECT question.

This is the most interconnected age to date. Trade shows are superfluous at best.

Avatar image for aiyobro

As an American I just can't understand how they could not go to work... is their whole country on fire?

Avatar image for shadowwarrior4

@aiyobro: its the world cup , think of it like the super bowl here everyone acts like an idiot and chugs gallons of beer

Avatar image for risingdawn


It's the World Cup! Imagine if E3 was on at the same time as the Super Bowl. E3 is every year, World Cup every 4th.

Us Europeans take 'real' football pretty seriously ;)

Avatar image for playstationzone

THQ Nordic don’t need be at E3 since going be like rockstar games. THQ Nordic want save there money and so I guess metro and dead island 2 won’t be at E3 since THQ Nordic owns the games. I guess want to watch the World Cup than watching E3 or beginning at E3 so what the point makeing games since don’t want to show them.

Avatar image for inebriantia

@playstationzone: Tbh it makes sense, E3 is always dominated by a few games, and the rest get forgotten by most. It's really not worth the tons of money, that's why Nintendo left it.

Avatar image for Dark_Matters

@inebriantia: Nintendo has shown at every single E3.

Avatar image for inebriantia

@Dark_Matters: No, they dont do the big announcement stuff anymore. They take some game demos for ppl to play and just do a Nintendo direct that day.

Avatar image for Blk_Mage_Ctype

Watch out guys, we're dealing with some badasses over here!

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

@Blk_Mage_Ctype: ☺

Avatar image for Starshine_M2A2

Are we sure these guys aren’t British?

Avatar image for UrbanMessiah

Translation: "We're waaaaay behind schedule and our demos just won't cut it, so we're bailing on E3...catch ya on the flip, suckas!"

Honestly, smart play on their part...

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

@UrbanMessiah: aaaand they're tight on money. Being present at E3 is expensive.

Avatar image for UrbanMessiah

@Ripper_TV: Too true...it really was the smart thing for them to do, frankly. Better to skip it than show up with some half assed glorified tech demo that some people will honestly believe that's what the final product will end up looking like, only to be angrily disappointed when the game finally does release.

I'm betting in retrospect, Ubisoft and some others wish they had taken this option in the past,.