Darkroom laying down the Lawmaker

Dallas development studio is currently working on a Wild West-themed FPS; platform, date unknown.


"In a town where silence is the weapon of choice, who can you turn to when your back’s against the wall?" Those are the words on Darkroom Studios' Web site, describing the ill-fated situation of the hero of its forthcoming game, Lawmaker. Silence also appears to be the mantra of Dallas, Texas-based Darkroom, which, while divulging much of the game's story and features, is firmly quiet regarding the game's platform or release date.

The aforementioned hero is Colt Kaufman, a 19th century gunslinger in the Wild West. Upon returning home after a decade away, Colt finds his father dead, his mother cowering, and his one-time friends suspiciously hostile. The first-person shooter follows Colt on a journey to find his father's murderer and unravel the mystery that is now plaguing his hometown.

Gamers will be able to engage in all sorts of Western-themed antics on both sides of the law, including evading arrest, gambling in the local saloon, hunting bounties, and robbing banks. As Colt becomes a wanted man, the bounty on his head will increase and his legend will grow, allowing him to coerce others into doing his dirty work.

Gamers will be able to wield and dual-wield sticks of dynamite, sawed-off shotguns, and hand axes. Though the home page of the Darkroom Web site says the developer is making games for current and next-generation systems, its promise of "creating your own customizable Dual Weapon Hotkey Combinations" may reveal that at least a PC version is in the works.

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