Darkest Dungeon PS4 and Vita Versions Delayed, Adding Town Events

The PS4 and Vita versions of Darkest Dungeon have been delayed to ensure the game "runs like butter and plays well with a controller."


If you've been playing Darkest Dungeon on PC or Mac, then you have new Town Events to look forward to. Linux users can play the roguelike now, too, but those with a PS4 or Vita have to wait a little bit longer.

Developer Red Hook Games detailed the delay on its website. Darkest Dungeon was originally set for its PS4 and Vita release in late spring/early summer, though it's now slated for a late July or August release. The developer says it wants to make sure that it runs well and is fun to play with a controller.

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"Adjusting controls, in particular, is not a quick process. We have a level of quality that we want to ensure in all of our releases and we would rather take some extra time to make it right, rather than rush it out the door," Red Hook said. "The awesome and talented Sickhead Games has been helping us with the porting."

In addition to the ensuring the PS4 and Vita ports are on par with the PC release, Red Hook wants to make sure that its upcoming Town Events are included in the console versions.

The new events will occur while at the Hamlet between quests. Red Hook says they're designed to "add variety to the overall campaign and also provide additional personality" to the Hamlet. It added that certain quests can trigger specific events, such as All Saints Day, which causes the Abbey to celebrate and make all treatments free for a week after completing the Ruins Gather Holy Relics quest. The Town Events are set to launch in mid to late May.

Other news from the announcement of official Linux support, a Mac App Store release, and Steam Workshop and modding. Red Hook Games is planning to improve Darkest Dungeon's "mod-ability" and will support it with better tools, docs, and Steam Workshop integration.

Darkest Dungeon received a score of 9 in GameSpot's review, which said "It builds you up for a grand bout that will test everything you've learned, as well as your ability to plan several in-game weeks out. The pay-off for this constant offensive comes in short bursts--just enough to keep you going, just enough to keep you hopeful for the next excursion. It's an extraordinary cycle that bears a special teacher--rewarding your cleverness and punishing your foolishness. It transfixes and binds you to this grand journey, dotted with failures and successes."

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