Darkborn, The Monster Game From Battlefield And Payday Developer's New Studio, Is On Hold

dThe intriguing-looking game is no longer moving forward, but the studio has teased something new.


Darkborn, the exciting-looking monster game from Battlefield and Payday developer David Goldberg's new studio, has been put on hold. The game's developer, The Outsiders, announced the change on Twitter, writing that the team may eventually return to the project, but probably not soon.

"In spite of our best efforts to continue, ultimately we had to make the difficult decision to halt development on the project," reads a line from the studio's statement. "Perhaps one day we will return to it: we all hope so and genuinely appreciate the support of everyone who followed us over the years."

The Outsiders is moving on to a new project that's described as "something new, something awesome, something we really love." Whatever this game is, it will be revealed "very very soon," the studio said.

The game was originally known as Archenemy before changing names to Project Wight and then again to Darkborn. Private Division, the indie publishing label run by Grand Theft Auto parent company Take-Two, was set to publish Darkborn before the companies parted ways.

The hook of Darkborn was that the usual power fantasy is reversed. The monster you play, a Darkborn, is hunted by a horrible faction called The Pale Enemy that torture Darkborn and perform blood rituals with their corpses, according to a Game Informer preview. "Be the monster in Darkborn. Experience life on the other side of the sword," reads the game's official description.

While you might not get to play Darkborn soon--or ever--you can watch 16 minutes of gameplay footage in the video below.

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