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Feature Article

Dark Souls Remastered On PS4 Pro: Watch 30 Minutes Of Gameplay

See how the upcoming remaster looks on modern hardware.

From Software's brutally challenging RPG Dark Souls was one of the most acclaimed and influential titles of the last generation, and soon a new audience will have a chance to experience it courtesy of Dark Souls Remastered. The upcoming remaster is scheduled to release this May on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, giving players a chance to revisit the world of Lordran with improved visuals and framerate.

Dark Souls was already a beautiful game when it originally released in 2011, but the upcoming remastered version looks even better, particularly when played on a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. Like many other contemporary titles, the game is tailored to take advantage of the added horsepower from Sony and Microsoft's new consoles, supporting 4K resolution and 60 FPS.

We recently got a chance to see just how Dark Souls looks and performs on modern hardware. In the video above, you can watch us play through the opening portion of Dark Souls Remastered, running through the first 30 minutes of the game on a PS4 Pro.

While the Switch version isn't quite as visually impressive, it still likewise receives a nice boost over the original game, running in 1080p at 30 FPS when docked. It will also release alongside an exclusive Amiibo figure that allows you to perform the famous "praise the sun" emote when scanned. Switch owners will have a chance to try Dark Souls Remastered out a little early through a network test beta, which will be held sometime ahead of the game's release.

Dark Souls Remastered launches for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch on May 25. In GameSpot's original Dark Souls review, critic Kevin VanOrd called the title "riveting" and awarded it a 9.5/10. "Dark Souls plays by its own rules, and in doing so, provides an unforgettable adventure that seeps into your being and invades your thoughts," he wrote.

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Kevin Knezevic

Associate news editor, Star Fox Adventures apologist.
Dark Souls

Dark Souls

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Avatar image for bubba_666

When you have Bloodbourne on PS4, this game is unnecessary ;p)

Avatar image for Ohaidere

I'll get one of these versions. It's been over 6 years since I played the last one and this game was fantastic. Might not go for the Switch version if they don't include a temporary quick save feature or something.

Avatar image for master_bates

I don't understand why players on PC will sit here and complain about this it's like if your OG dark souls modded is so much better go play that and be happy you don't have to pay fourty dollars for the remastered but I feel like the dedicated servers and 60 fps is enough for me to be happy hell I would even spend sixty dollars on this just because I enjoyed the game series so much I don't feel like you have the right to complain until you have played it yourself

Avatar image for randallsilver

I find it funny how this site seems to attract, with every single article, the biggest whining crybabies ever produced between family members in a way that would make George R. R. Martin blush.

I for one am glad with this remaster. It looks better than the original, and I'm sure the extra bonfire and online options will be a blast too. I spent way too many hours at this game, and frankly I can't wait to do it again. This was the best of the series (even with the incredibly great DS3). Quite giddy to visit Lordran again, and fight Sif or that scaleless traitor.

Avatar image for ChrisAnetkaC

I'm so glad that so many people stand guard to make sure the developers behind their favorite video games they have enjoyed do not get an extra dime lest they could afford another slice of pizza. With so many Dennis Moore's ensuring fair distribution of wealth one can only look towards the future with boundless optimism. As we all know artists produce the best works of art when they starve. Make 'em suffer!

Avatar image for se7enxx89xx

Even Vaati thinks this "remaster" is a joke.

Avatar image for der_freischutz

The only good think of this cash grab nostalgia edition are the solid 60 FPS... Having played "Prepare to Die" edition on PC i have to say there's a visual improvement, sure, but i'm not impressed at all by the work done on this remaster.

Avatar image for plerpy

@der_freischutz: And I mean it's good for people like me who have never played it.

Played Demons Souls, Dark Souls 2 (PS3 and PS4), Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne. But never DaS1 so I'm stoked.

Avatar image for der_freischutz

@plerpy: Sure, you have to play it, it's a great game. In the end i think this remaster is more targeted to people that never played the first one, to let them experience the full trilogy.

Avatar image for toffifee

I thought I wouldn't buy this game (again), but apparently I was wrong. Damnit!

Avatar image for Fartman7998

I played the modded PC version and I think this looks great and/or better, not sure what everyone is grousing about.

Avatar image for Abomination713

Dark Souls 1 is still the best game in the series.

Avatar image for Argle

It's....ok I guess. I mean, it is better, but....I feel like (and I say this having not played the PC version) some graphical/texture mods could do more or less the same thing. For free. You'll have to forgive for not wanting to pay for modded Dark Souls on PS4.

Avatar image for jyml8582

doesn't look that much better in graphics.

Avatar image for chillingnaire

Pass. Was expecting more, doesnt look any better than the 6 year old PC version. Modders do a better job at remastering. Its great for first timers who havent played it but meh for second or tripple dippers

Avatar image for clefdefa

People complaining it isn't better than the MODDED version ... well DAH you played a version heavily modded ... the update from the original vanilla version is quite noticable.

Avatar image for nadsat-77

Fanboy mode: On

That's exactly what i was expecting, i'm going to triple dip and i don't give a damn about what anyone thinks, its just pure fierce love for this series and what the first game represents, to me it is a masterpiece that i never get tired of it, plus dedicated servers this time.


Demon Souls next FROM, 60fps and dedicated servers its all i need, i'll return the love and buy it twice and gift to someone worth of it.

Fanboy mode: Off

Avatar image for blondie_82

@nadsat-77: Its rumored that blue point is remaking demon souls for ps4.

Avatar image for nadsat-77

@blondie_82: Yep. That would be amazing if true but better to keep expectations in check with these kind of rumors.

Avatar image for blondie_82

@nadsat-77: Hopefully we’ll know by E3.

Avatar image for BeefoTheBold

Best Dark Souls youtuber around IMO has this to say.

"It's pretty clear that the Dark Souls remaster makes no development effort to lure old players back. If you've already purchased the original game, there isn't much here."

I don't want to come across as excessively negative, but so far what I've seen, heard and read screams PORT and not REMASTER.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@BeefoTheBold: LOL... Youtuber as an info source?

How far we have fallen.

Not trying to just be a d@@k, but it's best to stick w/Dev's lists.

Avatar image for BeefoTheBold


You don't know a lot about Vaati I'm guessing. I don't mean this as a criticism so much as an observation.

I know what you're saying that usually "Youtuber" is not a particularly good source of information.

But Vaati is not your typical Youtuber, particularly where Soulsbourne content is concerned as this PC Gamer article on him explains.

He should be thought of more along the lines of the person who wrote this Gamespot article as the video I linked is actually from the same PS4 Pro version that this Gamespot article is from.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@BeefoTheBold: Okay, THAT was actually solid. I stand corrected.

(My comment just applies to the REST of that YT scum and villainy now.)

Avatar image for zaire75

Now when will they remastered Blood borne?

Avatar image for ragnarocking

@zaire75: Maybe PS5, but i doubt it will ever be remastered.

I'm still waiting for Demon's Souls remaster.

Avatar image for garysan

@ragnarocking: demon souls will be remade, like SOTC for sure. Easy money

Avatar image for BeefoTheBold

I have to admit that I was expecting a little bit more of an improvement.

I mean, it IS better, no doubt about that. But I guess I was kind of expecting more of a jump from the original to the remaster. With any luck the PC version will show more because this was a bit...disappointing.

Avatar image for btotheotothejtothef

Wish they only made it for consoles so we don't get all the bitching about the pc version even though they have some good points. I have no pc therefore I will be getting this day 1

Avatar image for donjuancorleone

Here it is, if you havent played, buy this. Its amazing. Dark Souls wasnt really a graphical masterpiece. But the gameplay was phenomenal, as was the challenge.

Avatar image for Renunciation

Plenty of people noting that this doesn't look as good as the old modded PC version.

Well, hmm... is the PS4 Pro as powerful as your PC?

Won't the PC version of DS Remastered look better than this?

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@Renunciation: It's not the power, it's the effort put into the remaster. The PC version has modders that put much more effort. And it's not like Dark Souls is a taxing game even with higher resolution modded graphics and overlays.

PS Pro could have done MUCH better in terms of a remaster. I'm almost certain the lower-end graphics and textures were used to support a full frame rate Switch port.

Avatar image for Renunciation

@CyberEarth: Alright.

Fine with me, as I'll likely be buying the Switch version anyway.

Upon further thought: I can understand why people are disappointed, considering that there are some games (such as H:ZD) which look better on the 'normal' PS4 than Dark Souls Remastered looks on the PS4 Pro.

Avatar image for ChrisAnetkaC

@CyberEarth: If they had concentrated 100% of their resources on making this as pretty as a pumpkin pie then rest assured a wailing chorus would accuse them of wasting time instead of focusing on making a new ip. And what is it with praising the modders so highly? Then why don't we ask them to make Dark Souls IV if they're so great, who cares about the developers?

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@ChrisAnetkaC:You're correct. You can't please everyone, and people like to complain (about anything).

The modders made a vibrant community on PC. They should be praised. But not to the point where they are doing the developer's jobs or could replace them. If they had those skills, they'd be making games themselves. And many of them might, in the future. But modding isn't like designing software from the ground up. It's much easier to mod something than create it fresh. The same holds true for physical products. It's much easier to modify an existing one to be more useful than to create something entirely new.

Avatar image for ChrisAnetkaC

@CyberEarth: I agree with that. I don't propose modder bashing, after all they supposedly do it out of love, but let's give the developers some credit and thank them for bringing this game to the current generation and giving it new life while fixing a couple of issues to boot. I don't see anything evil about that.

Avatar image for chillingnaire

@Renunciation: yeha but pc version came out years ago lol would expect a bump up from last gen game

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@chillingnaire: Switch...

Avatar image for risingdawn

Nice to see they are pricing this at £30 on Switch unlike certain other ports..

Shall be picking this up for some hand-held play.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Why isn't the video above from a PC? ...or recorded and/or streamed at 4K 60FPS? (Folks, wait for the REAL videos from the source before passing judgment.) ...but be realistic: They didn't go back and remake all the assets or anything.

PC is native 4K 60FPS

PS4 Pro and XOX are dynamic upscaled 4K 60FPS

The 60FPS is the most important part there. No more turn-based Blighttown.

The rest of this partial list is absolutely worth the price of admission:

"Players can select the number of usable items, such as consumable souls or covenant items, to use instead of one at a time as in the original game.

A Bonfire has been added next to Vamos the Blacksmith.

Covenants can be switched at Bonfires.

Button configuration is available.

Items will not automatically be registered into an item slot when picked up.

The online network has been changed from P2P to dedicated servers."

Avatar image for BeefoTheBold


It is worth noting the other changes and/or improvements to the game that are confirmed to be in there and speculated to be in there. (I'm personally hoping for some improvements to Lost Izalith and the boss fight there.)

But I don't think it's wrong for fans of the original to have a bar that they're hoping is reached on the graphics to justify a new purchase. I can see the difference in the video above but it still looks a lot less impressive than I was hoping for.

Just for me personally, this looks a bit like a cash grab rather than a really lovingly crafted modernization.

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@BeefoTheBold: Cash grab not at full price for a PS4 game. If you have 20% discounts at various retailers, you can nab it for nearly $30. Not too much of a cash-grab, imo.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@BeefoTheBold: I agree it's a cash grab.

But the list above is sampled from the dev's confirmed list.

Avatar image for skippert

@Pyrosa: Regardless of what you may think, people will be picking this up and enjoying it to the fullest. That kind of negates it from being a cash grab doesnt it? People want it, and they know people want it, it is a two way street my friend.

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