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Dark Souls Remastered On PS4 Pro: Watch 30 Minutes Of Gameplay

See how the upcoming remaster looks on modern hardware.

From Software's brutally challenging RPG Dark Souls was one of the most acclaimed and influential titles of the last generation, and soon a new audience will have a chance to experience it courtesy of Dark Souls Remastered. The upcoming remaster is scheduled to release this May on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, giving players a chance to revisit the world of Lordran with improved visuals and framerate.

Dark Souls was already a beautiful game when it originally released in 2011, but the upcoming remastered version looks even better, particularly when played on a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. Like many other contemporary titles, the game is tailored to take advantage of the added horsepower from Sony and Microsoft's new consoles, supporting 4K resolution and 60 FPS.

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Now Playing: Dark Souls Remastered - PS4 Pro Gameplay

We recently got a chance to see just how Dark Souls looks and performs on modern hardware. In the video above, you can watch us play through the opening portion of Dark Souls Remastered, running through the first 30 minutes of the game on a PS4 Pro.

While the Switch version isn't quite as visually impressive, it still likewise receives a nice boost over the original game, running in 1080p at 30 FPS when docked. It will also release alongside an exclusive Amiibo figure that allows you to perform the famous "praise the sun" emote when scanned. Switch owners will have a chance to try Dark Souls Remastered out a little early through a network test beta, which will be held sometime ahead of the game's release.

Dark Souls Remastered launches for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch on May 25. In GameSpot's original Dark Souls review, critic Kevin VanOrd called the title "riveting" and awarded it a 9.5/10. "Dark Souls plays by its own rules, and in doing so, provides an unforgettable adventure that seeps into your being and invades your thoughts," he wrote.

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