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Dark Souls Player Is Trying to Beat the Game Upside-Down

It's hard to watch, but very impressive.


Dark Souls is a pretty difficult game, but it was inevitable that players would find ways to make it even more challenging. One player has even decided to play the game upside-down.

You read that right. Streamer LobosJR is utilizing a simple mod to flip the screen, which effectively flips controls, as well. He's gotten through a significant portion of the game, beating several bosses who give most players a lot of trouble when the screen is normal.

It's impressive to get through Dark Souls at all, and LobosJR seems well on his way to beating the game with this modification. At least for me, it's hard enough just to watch the upside-down gameplay, as my mind struggles to make sense of what I'm seeing.

Of course, this is just LobosJR's next step in a series of novel ways of playing Dark Souls. He gained popularity when he played through the game blindfolded.

What's the most interesting way you've played through a game? Let us know in the comments.

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