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Dark Souls PC saviour turns his attention to Dark Souls 2, as Bandai Namco outlines PC bug list

New tool GeDoSaTo allows for Dark Souls II PC downsampling and other fancy visual effects.

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Legendary modder Durante, who single-handedly fixed the internal rendering issues that blighted the PC release of Dark Souls with his tool DSFix, has now turned his attention to Dark Souls II with his new tool: GeDoSaTo.

You might need a bit of PC know-how in order to get it all up and running, but GeDoSaTo enables downsampling on all graphics cards, which renders the game at a very high resolution and then squashes that picture to fit on your display, which creates an incredibly sharp image. GeDoSaTo also allows for texture modding, rendering effects, ambient occlusion, and other post-processing and anti-aliasing effects.

GeDoSaTo is being developed as a general tool that can apply to many DirectX games, but Durante has released an early version to coincide with the PC release of Dark Souls II. There's lots more information about the tool in a fascinating post on PC Gamer.

Meanwhile, Bandai Namco has established an official thread on the Steam forums to collate some of the teething problems users have been experiencing, including game crashes on startup and controller woes. Fixes should be on the way.

All things considered, the PC port of Dark Souls II is considered to be the best way to play From Software's thrilling adventure. And with Durante's efforts, it looks like it might only get better with time.

Dark Souls II was released on PC yesterday.

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