Dark Souls-Like Salt and Sanctuary Out Now on PC

The 2D Dark Souls-inspired game is available through Steam and Humble.


Salt and Sanctuary was initially only available on PS4, but now PC players can pick up the 2D Dark Souls-inspired game. It's available on Steam and Humble starting today.

The Dark Souls-like action RPG was the second best-selling digital game on PS4 in March, only getting beat out by The Division. It beat out March new releases EA Sports UFC 2, Hitman -- The Full Experience, and MLB The Show 16--it's worth noting that MLB released at the very end of the month.

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Salt and Sanctuary received a score of 8 in GameSpot's review, in which critic Miguel Concepcion concluded it's "wholly engrossing from every angle, from its happy marriage of combat and exploration to its ominously gripping art direction."

"Its world is rich in ambiguity, well designed to fill up message boards with discussions on the theoretical histories of its bosses to the origins of the seven Creeds," he said. "For as much as it unabashedly borrows from Dark Souls, it's an achievement that Ska Studios managed to give its homage an identity of its own that can be appreciated on its own merits."

If you want to see Salt and Sanctuary in action, you can check out this video in which developer Ska Studios demoed the game for GameSpot.

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